My name is Ashley and welcome to my creative domain Hollywood Noir Makeup! I am a self taught makeup artist, visual artist from Ontario, Canada. I’m always asked how I create my various makeup looks so I decided to launch my own YouTube channel and website that would not only be a creative outlet for myself, but hopefully a platform to teach and inspire others. 

I’m a firm believer in being confident in who you are and not being afraid to express that so I’m hopeful that my art will convey this sentiment. My greatest wish is that Hollywood Noir Makeup will create a diverse community that encourages others to be confident, creative and embrace their individuality.

While working as a makeup artist for over a decade I’ve acquired an arsenal of diverse product knowledge. I pride myself on being thorough as well as honest with my reviews so I hope these posts prove helpful to you if you’re curious about investing in a particular product or brand.

Aside from my obvious love of makeup and beauty I’ll also be showcasing some of my favorite independent artisans through interviews and company spotlights. I am a proud supporter of small businesses so I always like to share other artists work that I think my readers will also appreciate.

There is so much more to makeup than perfection and beauty. It is a form of art, a tool for transformation and devoid of any real rules. I hope you will follow me through this journey of experimentation and creation and find something useful to take with you along the way.