Price: $36.00 USD – $48.00 CAD

Shipping: The Cinema Secrets website only ships within the US but you can also find their products at your local theatre shops as well as online at Sephora and Camera Ready Cosmetics.


Created in a slim acrylic grey case, topped with a snap lid that exposes each shade. I love that I can pack this in my kit and see each individual color so I can pick and choose what I need more conveniently.

Color Description:

Both the 300 series (light to medium yellow-beige undertones and the 500 A series (light to medium pink-beige undertones) contain five highly pigmented foundations suitable for highlighting, shading and contouring. These palettes can also be used to adjust foundation colors to create custom shades. 

Shades Available: 500B Series – medium to deep pink-beige undertones,  200 Series – medium to deep golden olive undertones and the 100 Series – deep red undertones.


Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Palette in Series 500

Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin types. For reference, I have combination skin. My t-zone is quite oily but the rest of my face can get pretty dry, especially in the winter. If I wear an oil free moisturizer and set my skin with powder and a setting spray, this foundation holds up really well over long periods of time. They key here is to use only a small amount since it is quite pigmented.


Full coverage cream texture.


Matte. I would consider this foundation to be extremely high coverage, but the finish is definitely quite soft and natural on the skin. Especially, if it sheered out with a sponge or brush and diluted with a fluid moisturizer. 

Cruelty Free: Yes. All Cinema Secrets products are cruelty-free. Their Ultimate Foundation may contain carmine as a color additive, so this product does not fall under the vegan category.


Series 500A swatches – L-R: 501-11, 502-30,503-29,504-28,505-31.

What I Like:

I had the chance to speak with Maurice Stein, the founder of Cinema Secrets at IMATS Toronto in 2011 and he gave me the run down on why the foundation is one of the most coveted products in the industry. I tried the foundation on his recommendation and was absolutely thrilled by the smooth application and high coverage formula. I’m always a bit skeptical when a foundation is described as being a natural finish because I often like to invest my money in products that are diverse and have the option of being full coverage.

I was definitely surprised to find that although it has the effortless ability to cover most flaws and discolouration; it looks absolutely beautiful and flawless on the skin. It neutralizes red and doesn’t look thick or highlight texture like some of the other high coverage foundations I’ve tried. It’s  also waterproof, sweat proof and can withstand the heat in more humid climates.

This makes it a great choice for brides, performers, or anyone that may live in a hot climate or that is going on vacation that may require the staying power with minimal touch ups. Another wonderful aspect is its compact size. If you’re a makeup artist or someone who travels a lot, this palette offers 5 similar shades in one very compact, sleek package. It’s easy to carry in your purse or store in your kit. Overall, I think the ultimate foundation palette is a great product for any artist or amateur and is definitely one of my kit staples.


Series 300 L-R: 301-63A,302-65A,303-66A,304-32,306-73.

What I don’t Like:

The only thing I would say that I don’t like is the relatively small size of each shade in the palette. Each shade is 0.09 oz with an overall product amount of  2.55 grams. This is hardly a deal breaker, as you can purchase each individual shade in a 50. Oz container for only $24 USD.  Most high quality foundations retail for $35-$70 and you need quite a bit more product to create a full coverage finish.

Tips for Application:

  • Start by moisturizing your face. If you find your skin is particularly dry, exfoliate with a manual or chemical exfoliator beforehand.
  • For a smooth canvas apply a primer. This will also help to improve longevity of your foundation.
  • Dampen a sponge or brush with Cinema Secrets moisture spray or cut the foundation with your favorite moisturizer.
  • The added moisture spray or moisturizer will sheer out your foundation making it very customizable  and apply more smoothly.
  • Begin applying the foundation from the centre of your face and blending outwards.
  • Next, take a powder puff and dip it into some translucent powder. Take the puff and gently use a pat and roll motion it over your face to set your foundation.

Rating: 4.5/5

I have worked with a number of Cinema Secrets products over the course of my makeup career and I really love how affordable and high quality their entire line is. Whether you’re  new to makeup or a seasoned pro, you can definitely find one of their products that suits your needs. Let me know if you have used their products before and which one is your favorite in the comments below! One of my holy grail kit staples is their brush cleanser in the giant 32 OZ bottle. I highly suggest you check it out, if you haven’t already. It’s by far, one of the best in the biz!


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