Independent designers Sophi Reaptress and Hvnter Gvtherer have joined forces to create bewitching fashion film entitled ‘Crazy Love’ by East Coast production company Between Pictures. I have been an avid follower of both designers and am fortunate enough to have invested in some of their masterfully constructed pieces. When I stumbled across the collaboration I was elated. The teaser trailer evoked a sense of wonder and inspiration in me.

Crazy Love fashion film by independent designers Sophi Reaptress and Hvnter Gvtherer.

The beautifully macabre visuals are accompanied by the ethereal vocals of experimental Gothic folk artist Chelsea Wolfe. I have been a long time admirer of Chelsea’s voice and experimental soundscapes so her participation in this project was equally exciting. If you haven’t checked out her music and you’re tastes tend to be darkly inclined then I implore you to do so!

Fashion film featuring Sophi Reaptress and Hvnter Gatherer.

If you admire the ghostly aesthetic of supernatural flowing garbs, nomadiclly witchy accessories and an eerily beautiful soundtrack then hit play and prepare to be inspired.

Crazy Love Fashion Film Featuring Sophi Reaptress and Hvnter Gvtherer.

Jewellery: Hvnter Gvtherer

Wardrobe: Sophi Reaptress

Music provided by: Chelsea Wolfe – ‘Crazy Love’ from the album ‘Abyss’.

Production: A Between Pictures film.

Directed and Edited by: David Garcia
Cinematography: Chad Cooper
Production Designer: Mason Harding
Set Design & Foley: Brad Omen
Key Costumer: Sophi Reaptress
MUA: Allison Gretsuk
Ghost: Melissa Semiao
Charon: Megan Acosta
Spectre: Emery Ruth
Gaffer: Will Dejessa
AC: Todd Rawsizer & Kate Montgomery
Key Grip: Katie Voss
Steadicam: Dalton Price
PA: Nick Billiris

Special Thanks:
Jeremy Hush

 The Convent Philly:


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