• Arabian Nights Makeup Tutorial

    Arabian Nights Makeup Tutorial

    Any make-up enthusiast will perk up at the mention of Arabian inspired make-up. The beautiful color palettes, crisp feline shape and smoldering kohl liner evoke a sense of sensuality and mystery. This particular tutorial is […]

  • Acid Pastels Makeup Tutorial

    Acid Pastels Makeup Tutorial

    This is the second look that I submitted to Dark Beauty Magazine. With spring just around the corner I wanted to abandon the usual muted winter palette and create a highly vibrant, editorial look. This […]

  • Gothic Lolita Makeup Tutorial

    This is my first submission to Dark Beauty Magazine. The inspiration for this issue calls upon vibrant cosplay culture, Harajuku street wear and various Lolita fashions found in Tokyo, Japan. I was given the freedom […]

  • Toxic Butterfly Make Up Tutorial

    Toxic Butterfly Make Up Tutorial

    When I began designing this look, inspired by the Toxic Nature collection by Illamasqua, my idea was to draw upon the graphic beauty of a butterfly. After making several face charts I decided to film […]

  • Jessica Rabbit Make Up Tutorial

    Jessica Rabbit Make Up Tutorial

    My intention for this tutorial was to design a make up look that Jessica Rabbit might wear if she had stepped out of toon town and come to life. I thought this may be a […]

  • That’s So 80s Makeup Tutorial

    That’s So 80s Makeup Tutorial

    Most of you who are familiar with my channel know that I lean towards a lot of dark, vintage or theatricial looks. I thought I would change things up a bit and tackle something bright […]

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