Siobhan of Letzmakeup wearing a gold and bronze steampunk inspired smokey eyeWow, I can’t believe that it’s been nearly two whole years since I posted this look! Anyhow, I started this subculture series back in 2010 along with Ashley of HollywoodNoirMakeup. The idea behind this series was to showcase more edgy, individual makeup styles for those who love makeup, but not necessarily mainstream beauty looks. I didn’t think there were enough alternative makeup looks being shown on YouTube at the time, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to do something a little different. I’ve never claimed to be punk or steampunk or goth or full on cyber punk, but I’ve always styled myself alternatively, taking in elements of all of the above at one time or another.

My style has always been very eclectic. From the age of twelve or so I started listening to grunge and metal and that heavily influenced my makeup and clothing choices. Back then in Galway there was a huge number of New Age Travelers or ‘Crusties’ as they were known, and because of that, we had these awesome second hand shops that provided ‘hippy’ and alternative styled clothing and accessories. It was at these stores where I used to shop that I really got into mixing goth style pieces with the more laid back hippy bits. It was a fun time in my life as I was really coming into my own, in regards to fashion and styling.

Throughout my teens and twenties I went through phases where I leaned more towards the goth look, or the cyber punk look but always had the original hippy undercurrent there. I had dreadlocks for six of those years which I always loved. As I started to get older and my tastes were getting a little more mature, I subconsciously started to become drawn to the more ‘elegant’ subculture styles like the retro 1940s and 1950s aesthetics and the Neo-Victorian styling. I’d never heard of ‘steampunk’ before, as it hadn’t really hit Ireland yet, but as I was looking through Victorian images on the internet for inspiration for clothing  (I customize most of my own clothes) and I stumbled upon the steampunk idea and aesthetic, and was instantly drawn to the Victorian inspired looks that still had this playfulness about them, as well as some fantasy elements too. It really resonated with it at the stage I was in my life at the time.  I’ve always been a sci-fi and fantasy fan, so that was a huge part of it as well. Deep, huh? that’s basically how I discovered the ‘genre’ and why I was drawn to it.

In regards to the look I created for the series, I didn’t want it to be too literal ie. with cogs painted on or stuck on the temples, as this was mostly what I was seeing in the looks I did come across. I opted to keep the skin very pale, matte, and smooth in keeping with the original desired Victorian complexion. I added the high shine metallic finish to the eyes and lips which are reminiscent of the metal elements associated with the steampunk aesthetic and accessories. Plus I added a dot to the cheek, making it a little more recognizably Victorian. Ashley asked me to give a little background to the ideas behind my look, so I hope this described my inspiration to you all. We will both be starting up the ‘Subculture Series’ again soon which I’m very excited about, so definitely look out for that in the near future!

I have also done Part One and Part Two of Cyber Goth looks on my channel!

That’s all for now,

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