Red lips have always been perceived as a timeless accessory from the starlets of old Hollywood to the models of modern day catwalks. A red lip never ceases to create a bold statement, so as you can probably guess, MAC’s Russian red lipstick has been a staple in my beauty regime for as long as I’ve been wearing make-up. If you’re a low maintenance kind of gal, there are a number of lip stains on the market that can produce a more subdued affect without all the fuss. Since this look has been highly requested by all of my readers,  I’m going to share some tips on how to create the perfect red lip that will last throughout the day.

How to create the perfect red lip

Products Used

How To Do This Make Up

  1. Be sure to exfoliate your lips before applying any product, as matte textures tend to accentuate  dryness.
  2. Apply a moisturizing balm and allow it to sink in to your lips. Blot off any excess.
  3. Choose a similar colored lip liner and fill in the entire lips. This will act as a solid base for your your lipstick.
  4. Tap on a small amount of translucent powder onto your lips to set the liner.
  5.  Apply the lipstick with a small lip brush for added control and precision.
  6. Blot off any excess with a tissue and dust a final layer of translucent powder to ensure long lasting wear.
  7. Use a flat edge brush and trace some concealer around the lip line. This will prevent the lips from bleeding.
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