Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, Angela! Tell us about yourself and the vision behind MORPH knitwear?

Introductions are hard! On any given day I’m a different version of myself, so I suppose it’s hard for me to summon a sentence or two, that accurately portrays how and who I am. I suppose that I’m a rather hermetic human with a work ethic that makes me forget about real life, and a total love of cats, heavy metal, and feel-good detective shows. Morph Knitwear is my life, really. It’s become the thing that I think about most, the place where most of my energy is spent, and the thing I care about most besides the people (and cats) that I love. My vision is to create beautiful, evocative pieces of utilitarian clothing- a convergence of utility and beauty is my main aim.

What are your preferred textures and silhouettes to incorporate into your designs?

The textures and silhouettes I love are ones that create a dialogue between destruction and elegance, toughness and mystery. I aim to create pieces that will come to life in a different way on each body that wears them, so the way a particular garment or fiber drapes is very important to me.

What mood do you wish to evoke with your brand when viewed or worn for the first time?
I want someone who wears Morph Knitwear to feel powerful, mystical, and like a total bad ass.
What creative and technical process is involved when envisioning your designs? Take us through a day in the studio and your methods of construction.
My creative process comes first and foremost from this creative drive that I have, the constant need to be making something. Past that, there’s a million things that inspire me – music, a landscape, other designers in many other mediums, the feel of a particular fibre, or a color. Once I have the idea for a design there’s a certain amount of math needed to calculate a pattern, then there’s a lot of knitting something, tearing it all out, starting over, and re-knitting that happens before I get the piece exactly how I want it. It’s a lot of frustration, honestly, but once I get a pattern and garment all worked out it’s such a rewarding feeling.
What are the most prominent mediums that inspire your work?

The work of other independent designers is probably my most prominent inspiration. The fact that these women that I admire so much are making their way in the world successfully by the their strong will, talent, and dedication is such an inspiration for me to keep doing what I do, even when I’m feeling my most discouraged.


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