Morph Knitwear Editorial with Model Casstronaut
It is common for artists to weave pieces of themselves into their creations. Do you feel there is an emotional or spiritual transformation within yourself after you’ve concocted a new piece or themed clothing line?
I have an intense personal connection with every piece that I make. The hours of hand crafting that go into each piece alone is enough to make me feel connected, but the process of designing each individual garment is such a personal experience that there’s just always going to be that element of me in each garment. It’s always an interesting process, because no matter how precisely I plan a piece it will always take on a life of its own in creation and become something entirely unique. It’s a really special process for me.
What are the most notable hardships and successes you’ve faced since embarking on an entrepreneurial path?
Well, my business has been entirely self-funded since its very inception, so I guess the months that I haven’t been able to pay the rent have been the hardest. It’s such a growing experience, in all realms (financial, organizational, creatively, everything!) that it’s hard for me to pinpoint single things.
The most encouraging thing that’s happened has been the incredible support from the independent design community that I’ve received. The ladies of Sisters of the Black Moon in particular have been such a blessing to me. Being able to work with them (my work is carried in their shop: has been such an honour since they’ve been a huge inspiration to me for years and years.
What advice would you give to aspiring artists that wish to turn their creative passion into an independent business venture?
Work really fucking hard and don’t let yourself get in the way of yourself.
What are you most passionate about aside from your love of art and design?
Feminism, spiritual questing, metal, my cat, friends, family, food, books and my lover.
What collaborations and project can we expect to see from MORPH in 2014?
I’m currently working on pieces for spring and summer, and have been talking with a fellow knitwear designer about doing a couple collaboration pieces sometime soon. There are also a few super talented women who model and photograph that I’m cooking up collaborations with. Nothing is guaranteed at this point, but it’s all very exciting!

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Angela for taking the time to share some of her insights with us today! It is rare to find such a beautiful and kind soul that is also inexplicably talented and so dedicated to one’s craft. If you’d like to support Angela’s and purchase some of her gorgeous and ornate designs, head on over to MORPH Knitwear’s official site and keep up to date with her new releases on her FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages! 



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