Cherry Dollface Pin Up

What advice would you give to people looking to get started in alternative or pin-up modelling?

I have an entire series on my Youtube channel about how to be a pin-up model. I teach every facet from posing, to networking, to being safe. My best advice to girls is to just have fun and not take yourself too seriously.

With your YouTube channel quickly gaining popularity, what do you hope to accomplish with such a large and captive audience?

My ultimate goal is to make young girls feel okay in their own skin. Whether they like pop culture and fashion, retro culture, Goth, alternative, or whatever. I want girls to feel that they are beautiful just the way they want to be.

 Are there any exciting collaborations or projects we can expect from you in 2013?

I have teamed up with my friend Nikki Napalm and I am doing hair and she is doing make up for a lot of exciting events. We have a class scheduled in September and we are doing group photo shoots in LA and at a few other exciting events!

What fashion or beauty tips would you offer to gals working with limited time or budgets that still wish to achieve a polished, vintage look?

Oddly enough I just posted a video all about how to use drug store make up to achieve a pin-up face. Ha! But you don’t need a lot of money to do vintage styling– just a lot of patience!

What has been your defining moment of success on your channel to date?

Hitting 10 million views was pretty amazing. But I got an email from a girl last week who told me that my videos had saved her from committing suicide and that was actually a life defining moment for me. Knowing that I had that kind of impact on someone’s life was absolutely scary and incredible. I try my best to keep everything I put into the universe positive and helpful.

A big thank you goes out to Cherry for taking the time to chat with us today! I encourage you to subscribe to Cherry’s YouTube channel if you want to be exposed to an array of very informative and glamorous vintage hair and make up tutorials. Cherry has such a down to earth approach to her videos, so it’s easy to see why she’s such a fan favorite in the vintage community! Be sure to connect with her on FacebookTwitterTumblr and her official site to keep up to date and see more of her beautiful and inspiring work.


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