Canadian horror film makers Jen and Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions

Twisted Twins Productions was founded by Canadian film makers Jen and Sylvia Soska in December 2008 after the release of their first feature film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk. The twins received high praise from the horror community for their micro-budgeted film and subsequently acquired a number of awards at both the PollyGrind and Viscera film festivals in 2010. With the recent success of the film under their belts, the twins have already ingrained not only their passion for film but their unique brand of humor into the minds of horror fans around the world.

I first took notice of this wicked duo when the the teaser trailer for American Mary began circulating the web. The lead actress in the film, Katherine Isabelle star of Ginger Snaps (2000) has always been a favorite of mine, so I knew this particular pairing would make for a superbly dark and gritty film. Jen and Sylvia have graciously taken the time to talk to me about their production company Twisted Twins Productions as well as offer some wise insight into the world of horror and independent film making.

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