Katherine Isabelle, Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska in a still screenshot from American Mary
What initially inspired your love of the horror genre?

Sylvia: It’s like we always were drawn to it. I’m not sure if it’s because there was such a taboo about young girls especially liking horror or if its because our mother was so supportive of any of our weird interests. It bums me out that video stores are a dying breed because we grew up haunting our local video store’s very decorated horror section and checking out the movie cases. Our mom was very cool in the respect that there was no age limit on education, if something interested us, she would talk to us about it. That included horror.

Jen: It’s more like horror chose us than the other way around. We’re very luck to have parents that encouraged us in our interests. Our mum had (and has) this massive collection of Stephen King and Anne Rice novels. We got into the King very early and he really developed our love of mixing humour with horror as he’s got this incredibly dark sense of humour. From our first horror movie, Poltergeist, we were hopelessly in love and never looked back. We got scared that night after watching the film and our mum explained to us that it was all make believe and it was the jobs of the actors, effects artists, writers, and director to scare us. I couldn’t believe it could really be a job to scare people. That’s also where our deep love and respect for effects artists came from.

 What does a day in the life of Jen and Sylvia at Twisted Twins Productions entail?

Sylvia: It depends on the day. Right now, we have the German release of American Mary coming out, so we get up at 8:45 A.M.  for a 9 A.M. conference calls which is beautifully coordinated by the folks at Universal, they are releasing the film in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and have really stood behind this very different film. By the time the interviews are done, we’re awake, but Jen is an angel and makes coffee. We go online to share everything that’s happened with the release – which is a lot with all the separate region releases: Monster Pictures in Australia, Anchor Bay and Raven Banner in Canada, XLrator Media’s Screamfest label release in the US – then talk to our supporters, tweet, tumble, blog. We have about three projects that we’re focusing on for the future, so there’s work to be done in the prep stages for that. We also have scripts submitted through our agency and management, so we read those. This year, we’re doing a lot of conventions, so we’re setting those up – the days go really quick, but I’m lucky that I’m not alone – I have Jen with me for all of it.

Jen: Pretty much. There isn’t a day when we’re not online. I don’t get why more film-makers don’t make themselves the ones to run their blogs or post their interviews or even do interviews or personally release news on their films. And we love to be accessible to our fans. They’re the reason we’re able to do what we do and we love interacting with them. It’s so exciting to see them react to AMERICAN MARY as it’s really getting out there internationally in a big way. We get to see so much cool fan art and some outstanding tattoos. We have the greatest supporters in the universe.

And I have no idea how I’d do it all without Sylv. There’s just too much to do in a single day for one person. We’re so lucky we can divide and conquer and that we both are highly motivated and passionate about our work.

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