American Mary Movie Still featuring Actress Katharine Isabelle
What inspired you to write American Mary?

Sylvia: We were broke, trying to get Dead Hooker in a Trunk – our first film – out, meeting monsters in the industry, having family in the hospital, all the while trying to make it in this industry. I was talking to a friend and he asked what other scripts I had, to focus on that. I didn’t have any scripts, so I decided to pitch a few ideas as if I had all of these scripts just lying around. He picked ‘the one about the medical student.’ Jen and I had become obsessed with body modification years back when we stumbled upon it, it seemed like a perfect vessel for talking about how we see people based purely on appearance. So many things were happening in our lives at the time and we gave ourselves a two week deadline for the script, so everything just filtered into the story making it a very therapeutic experience.

Jen: We put everything we were going through into American Mary. We did it quite subconsciously, but you write what you know. It’s all up there on the screen now.

Which artist would you most like to collaborate with?

Sylvia: There are some graphic novel artists that Jen and I are huge fans of – we would love to have the opportunity to take that work and adapt it for film and television. We’re big comic book nerds and nothing is as frustrating as a film that uses the title of a series and loses the heart. I’ve met some pretty amazing people during our travels, I’d love to ‘get the band back together’ and get my American Mary crew and cast back for future projects, but I want to throw some new people into the mix. We write our own material a lot so when someone strikes our interest, we can write something for them. We really would like to collaborate with Laurence Harvey – he’s just such an exceptional, intelligent, and uncompromising artist.

Jen: So many. I would love to do a horror musical one day and it would be an honour to get to work with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They are absolute geniuses. Everyone Sylvia mentioned, too. We’ve met some outstanding artists in our travels and it would be wonderful to come together with them and work together. I’d like to thank Monster Pictures, Fright Fest, Universal Pictures, the film festivals, and my parents for making that travel possible.

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