Jen and Sylvia Soska at ComiCon 2012
What are your future plans for Twisted Twins Productions? Any new and upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?

Sylvia: Right now we’re focusing on our original monster movie called BOB. The tagline is ‘There’s a monster in all of us, sometimes it gets out.’ We’ll be collaborating with the very talented Masters FX because they are just brilliant with their creations and we’d like to see the focus back on practical effects.

Jen: We’re very fortunate that there is a lot of opportunity for us right now and I’d like to personally extend our most heart felt thanks to our fans and supporters. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That’s why it’s so important to us to always take what the people want to see from us into account. We love them so much. We’ll be collaborating with First Comics to bring our films to life in graphic novel form and we’re especially excited as they’ll be our never before seen directors cuts. There’s a lot more coming this year, but it’s too soon to break our silence. We’ll be hitting several cons, like San Diego Comic Con and C2E2, so we’ll have some big announcements there and then!

What advice would you give to aspiring film makers and entrepreneurs?

Sylvia: Never give up, don’t listen to those who say it will never happen, focus everything you have on making your career happen for you. Every film I’ve made, I’ve been told that the film isn’t good, that no one will ever watch it, and had to fight hard to make the film what it is. It’s never been easy. Every film, I tell the nay-sayers that this will play in theatres, that people will watch it, and trust me that this something different that people will dig. Take criticism, but take it from people who know what they are talking about and not everything they tell you is gospel. Read Rebel without a Crew – it really shows you the ups and downs of making a film. It isn’t glamorous, there are times that you are literally starving. To this day, Jen and I haven’t seen any money on Dead Hooker in a Trunk. We, like much of the crew, took slashed rates to make MARY happen. The amount of time and money you put into your career will impact how far you go. There is no easy, you have to really want this. Lloyd Kaufman’s ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’ series is also a must read. We have technologically evolved past needed film and expensive equipment to make our films, anyone can make a movie, and everyone does. But you have to make something different, have your own voice, make something you would want to watch, but not something only you would watch.

Jen: There is nothing with greater highs or lower lows than this business. There is no overnight success stories, that’s only fabricated stuff that looks good in the news. You have to work every single day at your career to make it happen or it won’t. There is no one path to get there. So many people think, “oh, I just have to get my script to so and so and it’ll get made”. That is NOT how it happens. Go and make your own film. With the digital revolution it’s never been easier. And when you make it, don’t make excuses like “we only had so much time” or “so much money.” I hear that pitch before I watch a film and I’m like everyone you tell that to) thinks, “I’m about to watch a low budget piece of shit that comes with an apology before I even see it”. If there’s something that’s not up to par in your film, make it better or cut it out. Pool your resources. You have more than you know. A business, a car, a horse, an exotic pet, war time memorabilia, friends willing to act for free, a church, an apartment, whatever you can get access to and with an emphasis on for little and free, write it out and write your film around those elements to give it high production value. Aim for a feature. Forgive me, shorts are lovely calling cards, but they’ll make you no profit and many people will disregard them. Watch Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Film Schools. Watch your favourite films with director commentary and learn from what they’re saying. Watch the “making of” features. Watch everything. You can learn even more from bad films than good ones. Try to find out where they went wrong. Bad acting, shitty camera work, no story… and avoid those pit holes in your own work.

And if there’s something you would love to do as much as film-making  go do that. I’m serious. It’s hard. Read Rebel without a Crew and get to the part were Robert doesn’t sell El Mariachi in time for Christmas. That’s film-making  There’ll be times when you feel it’s all been a mistake and everyone feels it. If it’s the only thing that will ever make you happy, buckle up for the ride of your life. Make no excuses and never stop chasing your dream. If we can do it, so can you.

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