Jen and Sylvia Soska Promotional Still for Twisted Twins Productions
What has been your most valuable resource for creating films on a budget?

Sylvia: I’m very grateful for the DEAD HOOKER experience where we were in every department, everyone had multiple jobs, and you had to think fast on your feet because you didn’t have money to solve your problems, you had to use creativity. That saved our ass on HOOKER, that saved our ass on MARY. What you think might go wrong is never what actually goes wrong. Be prepared for everything. Create that mindset where you can solve problems as they come without anyone even knowing that there was a problem.

Jen: Making our own DIY film. You learn about every department and you learn what you can get through creatively and what needs money. Watch Manborg. It’s incredible, low budget, and is what I compare every indie film to. I’ll watch something and be all like, “but it’s no Manborg.”

What has been your most rewarding and frustrating experiences on set thus far?

Sylvia: When I meet someone who has been affected by the work, when I get a message, or a letter, meeting people around the world that our films have impacted and their support has made it possible, it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world. There can be a lot of negative in the business, sometimes you can’t see the film, you can only see the process, but it’s for the people that films mean something to, because they mean something to us, that makes everything worth it. I’m frustrated by small people who act like children – there is no excuse to be unprofessional, but not everyone is in the film business because they love making films. I do my best to avoid people like that – I think the goal in life and career is to never have to deal with asshats.

Jen: It’s the absolute same for me. When I get a “my daughter’s nine and she wants to be you and Sylvia when she grows up” makes everything worth it. To be able to inspire people or to have them be able to take something from our work or stories or characters or even our struggles and battles makes it all more than worth it. There are films, comics, video games, TV shows, and characters that made me who I am today. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them and to do that for someone else is just such an honour and humbling experience. The most frustrating part of what we do is working with people who are doing this for the wrong reasons. Some people just bark because they have to try to put their mark on something. There are so many counter producers in this business and people who are poison. This business sadly attracts people for the wrong reasons and it’s an industry where egos can run rampant and unchecked. My advice is look into everyone before you work with them, Ask around and avoid working with poisonous people at all costs.

I would like to thank Jen and Sylvia for taking the time to participate in the interview! If you want to see more of these twisted twins in action follow them on their Official site, BlogFacebook Page, Tumblr and Twitter pages and make sure to check out the trailer for their new film, American Mary!


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