Jill McKeever Perfumer of For Strange Women

For Strange Women is an all natural perfumery shop created by artisan Jill McKeever. Discontent with the harsh chemicals used in mass marketed fragrances, soaps and cosmetics, Jill began dabbling in herbalism, aromatherapy and the art of perfumery. 

Determined to find products that wouldn’t react with her sensitive skin, Jill continued to experiment with traditional, European perfumery methods and an array of natural ingredients until she finally mustered the courage to make her perfumed wares available to the public through her Etsy shop in 2009. With an eco-friendly approach, Jill provides her customers with botanical infused concoctions that invoke a feeling of earthy romanticism and the bewitching, perfumed-laden rituals of eras past. 

Inspired by elements of nature, and the desire to create a memorable, sensory experience for her customers, Jill has managed to create a brand all her own. Every product is luxuriously designed and handcrafted from scratch in Jill’s Kansas City home studio where she lives with her boyfriend and two cats, Onyx Sparrow and Jaqk. A shop created especially for strange women? Count me in.

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