Kayla Garland Fashion Designer and Owner of SOVRIN Apparel

Kayla Garland is an American fashion designer and proprietor of independent clothing line SOVRIN apparel. With an astute eye for design and eager DIY attitude, Kayla set her creative goals high at a young age.

Initially inspired by the whimsy and resourcefulness found in Harajuku street fashion, Kayla dreamt up her own designs and began sporting her creations to school. Before long, she sparked the attention of her peers and acquired several commission requests from other fringe fashion lovers.

Unable to find clothing that suited her tastes, Kayla utilized her sewing and printmaking talents to create her own clothing brand in 2012. Not only does Kayla pride herself on producing eco-friendly prints and utilizing ethically sourced fabrics, but she has a hand in every aspect of her business.

Whether it’s designing a new launch, conversing over social media or packaging orders, Kayla has always been dedicated to ensuring her customers receive the most personal and high quality experience possible. SOVRIN’s success is a testament to Kayla’s strong work ethic and enduring passion for creating unique and high caliber apparel. If you would like to find out more about Kayla’s enchanting designs and inspiring entrepreneurial story, read on.



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