Sovrin Apparel Rune Muscle TankTell us a little bit about yourself and the origin behind SOVRIN.

Ah, that’s a loaded first question. Well, I’m 24 and I live in a studio with my cat Lilo in the Willy Street neighborhood in Madison, WI. I’ve always had an interest in a variety of things: horror and anything paranormal, anatomy, fantasy, horses, nature, music, fashion, and art. Random fact #1: I can be a bit awkward in person. Random fact #2: I’m in love with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (though this may not be of surprise looking at my shop) Random fact #3: My cat, Lilo, was named after Lilu from 5th Element (one of my favorite movies). They told me he was a girl when I purchased him only to find out he was in fact male. SOVRIN all started because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in apparel. I desperately wanted a tank with a ram skull on it, and could not find it and that’s what fist started SOVRIN.

How would you describe the core essence of your brand to those whom aren’t familiar with it?

SOVRIN really reflects a myriad of ideas. To name a few: animal anatomy, bone structure (animal), macabre, fantasy, magic, Victorian/filigree, nature, and really anything I find inspiring at the time. I’ve always been influenced by dark fashion (in color and aesthetics).

What are some of the most influential elements that you feel have helped shape your brands aesthetic?

I think some of the most influential things have been the overall beauty of animistic anatomy. I have purchased quite a few anatomy books on animals, and they are just gorgeous. I look at them whenever I feel like I need inspiration. I also do love going on people’s tumblogs and have found a ton of inspiring photos relating to nature, fabrics, and just people’s overall style.

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