Blk Label X Long Chiffon Maxi Skirt
What sparked the undeniable fusion of modern fashion and classic Gothic couture in your line?

Well, fashion design as a whole doesn’t interest me, however fashion design is one thing I am skilled at. I love to create and I love modern construction, shapes, and architecture. So, when I began designing clothes the designs are always sleek and the appeal of my garments are found in the minute details of the construction. That’s just me by nature ,and my goth aesthetic has a nasty habit of leaking through into everything I do.

What has been the greatest achievement to date with Blk. Label. X?

Right now I can strongly say our spread in Gothic Beauty magazine was the biggest achievement. Not just because GB is one of the most popular alternative publications, but because the shoot for the spread was a blessing. I was working in South Carolina at the time and I was trying to put together a shoot in Tampa. Coordinating a shoot from states away is hard and sloppy, but thankfully My model, Necro Genic, really stepped up her game and helped me pull it off.

What project can we expect to see in 2014?

I’ve started preparations for a small limited addition jewelry collection called ‘BLK.CRYSTAL CORPSE’ and I’ll be making some more couture pieces as well.

What other artists, be it fashion or otherwise would you like to collaborate with in the near future?

I have really wanted to work with Amelia Arsenic, and Zoog VonRock of Angeslpit for the longest time. Most everything they touch turns to gold and their over all aesthetic is glorious. Also, I’d like to work with Branden Hollywood. He’s a Tampa based photographer and stylist and he has a very awesome and unique style. I want to start doing more fashion forward editorial-esque shoots and I think he would do a phenomenal job at something like that.

A big thank you goes out to Kyle for taking the time to share his insights with us today! It’s always informative and inspiring to hear the history and perspective behind some of my favorite brands. If you’d like to know mor about Blk Label X and the quality of their garments, check out my full review of one of their graphic t-shirts here.

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