Ashley, also known as LisaFreemontStreet, is one of the front runners of vintage hair tutorials on YouTube. She was kind enough to answer some of the questions I had about her beautiful, retro hairstyles and some of her biggest inspirations… 

When did your love of vintage culture first become apparent?

I have always loved the style of Old Hollywood and the golden age of film and fashion. I had posters of Marlon Brando and James Dean on my walls as a teen, instead of the stars that were currently popular.

Which old Hollywood starlets inspire your personal style the most?

I’d say the free and easy glamour made famous by Ginger Rogers and Grace Kelly is what I’m most drawn to.

What are your go-to vintage hair styling products?

I love a setting lotion like Motions Foaming Wrap lotion, to give wet sets added hold and longevity. I also find that Layrite pomade is a great water soluble product that gives Old Hollywood shine without a greasy feel.

What tips can you offer busy dames on the go who still want to achieve a polished vintage look?

Set your hair at night-just like Granny used to do! It takes about five minutes the next morning to brush out a vintage set and pop a flower clip or other accessory in there.

Since music seems to play such a large role in your tutorials; can you share your favorite rockabilly bands and old time crooners with us?

I love the female originators of the rockabilly sound -Wanda Jackson, Rose Maddox, Janis Martin, Lori Collins, just to name a few of my favorites. I also have a deep affection for Doris Day and Bobby Darin, when it comes to the standard.

Which old Hollywood films spurred your love for vintage glamour and style?

Hitchcock made some great stylish films –To Catch a Thief, Rear Window, and North by Northwest surely stand out. Edith Head is my design ‘deity’, if you will. I also adore the avant guard fashions in 1939’s ‘The Women’ and the couture ‘Lautrec’ inspired fashions of Minelli’s “GiGi”.

What are some of your favorite places to shop for retro attire?

Nothing beats authentic vintage reproduction, when you can’t find the real thing. Whirling Turban is my favorite, and it’s why I became an affiliate. Freddie’s of Pinewood rocks my world. Candy Violet makes me swoon!

Are there any books or resources that you can share with my readers that helped you become so adept with vintage styling?

Lauren Rennels is my mentor and both of her books, ‘Vintage Hairstyling’ and Retro Makeup’ are excellent resources. Classic Beauty by Gabriela Hernandez as well as Creative Hairstyling by Ian Anderson also really helped me with makeup and hair. Bramcost publications have so many wonderful vintage styling books that they reprint for the public.

What is your signature hair style?

I tend to wear my hair in casual loose waves most of the time, no matter my hair length. I like big huge flowers and usually wear more than one.

What advice would you give to all the ladies and gents looking to cultivate their own vintage style?

Be yourself. If you don’t ‘feel’ it, it will show. And you’ll be out of your element. In the same vein, if you love vintage, don’t be afraid to embrace it. People will stare. But that’s not a bad thing, is it?

A big thank you to Ashley for being always being so inspirational, and not to mention one classy dame! If you want to check out her vintage hair tutorials and other retro stylings, visit LisaFreemontStreet on YouTube or check out her blog!


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