Liz Frazier founder of Witch City Wicks Candle Company Liz Frazier is an American graphic designer and founder of the independent candle company Witch City Wicks. Operating out of the original witch city of Salem, Massachusetts, Liz yearned to transcend her digital medium and express herself through more tactile means. After much experimentation and encouragement from friends, Liz officially opened Witch City Wicks’ doors to the public in 2010.

With her flair for aesthetics and eye for design Liz has created a diverse range of alternatively and classic themed scents that not only produce a long lasting, vivid sensory experience, but also enhances the decor of your home.

With her passion for creating %100 all natural hand-crafted, artisan soy candles Liz continually maintains the quality of her wares by being personally involved in every aspect of her business. Whether it’s designing, managing her online presence, packaging or making the candles, Liz always prides herself on providing her customers with the best quality products possible.



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