Witch City Wicks Oddities Collection Candle in Opium

If you could introduce your brand to those whom aren’t familiar with it, how would you describe it?

Oh, this is difficult to answer! I think my brand has a bit of multiple personality disorder, which is why I create so many different collections! My “Classic/ Everyday” line has more widespread appeal, with a wide variety of fragrances, stylish jars and cleanly designed labels. “House of Wax” and “BLACK” draw heavily from gothic influences. They’re more edgy, although BLACK does crossover to a larger number of consumers. I think being from Salem adds a bit of mystique and romanticism to my brand.

Take us through the production process. What steps must you take from concept to finished product.

When I come up with a concept for a candle it usually begins with a label idea or a theme. The artwork is conceptualized and mocked up. I’ll create a fragrance with elements that I feel match up well with the theme. When I’m happy with all the elements, I make the candles: melt the wax, add fragrance, pour into the proper container and let it cure. Then it’s just a matter of assembling the pieces. It sounds like a simple process, but sometimes finding or creating the right fragrance combination can be difficult.

Why is it important for you to create all natural, soy based candles?

When I began making candles I wasn’t so convinced that soy candles were any better than paraffin wax candles. But, I began to realize that there were definite benefits from soy candles. They last longer than paraffin candles because they burn slower and at a lower temperature. They burn cleaner, meaning they don’t create as much soot (the stuff that turns your ceiling black). And I think they hold fragrances better. Plus, who doesn’t love to utilize more natural products?

What advice would you give to other like minded artisans that wish to embark on their own entrepreneurial path?

When you’re starting out it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the moving parts that come with running a business. It’s easy to get frustrated and just want to shut it down. But if you believe in your product, the rest falls into place.

What projects can we expect from Witch City Wicks in 2014?

We’ll be adding some new candles to the House of Wax collection (as well as retiring a few), rolling out the new seasonal candles and prepping for Halloween candles, of course. I’d like to start rolling our candles out to some shops and boutiques, as well.

I’d like to extend a warm thank you to Liz for sharing her tips and tricks and for allowing us to get to know her and her company a little more intimately. If you’d like to know more about Witch City Wicks products, you can check out my full review of four of their ‘House of Wax Collection’ candles hereBe sure to also check out the Witch City Wicks official site and and follow their FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages for new and exciting collection updates!


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