Negin Izad Founder and Designer of Noctex Clothing

Negin Izad is an independent Canadian fashion designer hailing from Vancouver, B.C. Whilst studying fashion in university, Negin decided to create her own brand entitled ‘Noctex’ in early 2011.

Specializing in ornate garters, leggings, draping tunics and dresses, Noctex effortlessly channels both the old and new, edges on the avant garde and strives to find a balance between rigid structure and the free-flowing organic essence of nature.

As a third year fashion student and only twenty years old, Negin has successfully created a brand that embodies every day functionality while incorporating an incredibly fashion forward aesthetic. Negin seeks to promote a multi-purpose line that boasts individuality and practicality that effortlessly enhances the diversity of her customers wardrobes. If you’d like to learn more about this incredibly talented and ambitious designer, read on! 



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