Owner and Designer of Poison Candy Fashions
Tell us a little about yourself. Who is the devilish dame behind Poison Candy?
I guess one could say that I have rather eclectic tastes. I have a mischievous chinchilla named Spyder and an amazing Boston Terrier named Loki who is my sidekick and travels with me pretty much everyplace. My boyfriend and I love horror movies and can often be found watching them back to back with the lights out. I love studying economics and philosophy, primarily focusing on the Austrian School. I also spend a fair amount of time at the gym and am somewhat obsessed with an RPM cycling class I have been taking religiously for the last month.
When did you first realize your love for fashion and design?

I began experimenting with stitching when I was around ten years old. A friend of mine gave me a souvenir sewing kit that her dad had brought back from a trip. I started by making outfits for my dolls using pieces of scrap fabric donated to me by a teacher, then eventually learned how to make clothes for myself. It wasn’t long before I was hooked.

What initially attracted you to the retro aesthetic and pin-up culture?
I grew up in the punk/dark wave scene of the late 80’s, but have always liked listening to oldies. Around ’95, while living in Austin, I was introduced to Rockabilly music and the art of Gil Elvgren. I was already an avid antique hunter and felt right at home shopping for fun vintage finds. A friend of mine suggested I check out a psychobilly band named the Flametrick Subsand I realized that I had found a genre that was the perfect combination of all of my music and fashion influences.
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