Poison Candy Red Pin Up Dress Photo Shoot
Tell us about your experiences as a freelance costume designer? What inspired the switch to eventually create your own clothing line?

After graduating from design school in 2001 I decided that I wanted to learn how to make costumes. I moved to New Orleans and started accepting freelance gigs immediately. There is always a party happening in the Big Easy, so I had a golden opportunity to put the techniques I learned in school to the test as well as teach myself some things along the way. I began selling my creations on eBay and soon discovered that there was enough of a demand to actually set up my own website. I have always received a lot of compliments on my outfits, so it meant quite a bit to me to have the opportunity to offer a cohesive line for my customers to shop from. My official web store went live in September of 2006, and the rest is history.

What are some of the most influential components in your design process?

I love bright colors and bold prints! When I first started out I couldn’t afford to buy large quantities of novelty fabrics, so that is how I began color blocking and print mixing. I also adore textured textiles and will use just about any excuse to combine various fabrications together. I’m a big fan of small details and often add feminine embellishments such as bows, lace, and buttons.

Take us through a day in the life at the studio. What does your conceptual and creation process look like?
When I studied fashion design, my favorite class was collection development. It’s quite magical to see a concept come to fruition.  When I find myself inspired by something I try to discover all that I can about it. Once I feel comfortable with an idea, I’ll begin sketching silhouettes and sourcing materials. After I have gotten the pattern and fabrics together, the next step is to make a sample and see how it looks on a human body. Photo shoots are always a beautiful experience for me as they are usually the first time I see my creations on someone other than myself! Our ready to wear line is manufactured here in Vegas which means that I’m often running around town dropping off and picking up completed garments. I’m a bit of a story teller, so between our blog and product descriptions I find myself doing quite a bit of writing. 
What sparked the fusion between modern rock elements and the classic, vintage aesthetic in your designs?

I love the idea of duality and balance. I believe that every woman has an elegant side as well as a tougher edge. I’ve never felt comfortable designing anything that felt one-dimensional. The name Poison Candy was derived not only from my obsession with Halloween, but also the idea that something seemingly sweet can also be deliciously dangerous.

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