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With a curiosity for crafting and a penchant for the strange and unusual, Canadian born artisan Ann-Sophie began weaving her magical intentions at a young age. She dreamt of achieving a greater vision, to one day marry her love of jewelry and ethical fashion and make that her life’s purpose.

After completing a fashion program and metal smithing course, this became the catalyst that paved the way to her brand’s most recent incarnation, Uneven Creations. The brand was founded in 2013 and has quickly ensnared indie jewelry lovers around the world. So much so, that Ann-Sophie has been able to turn her life long dream into a full time job.

If you would like to know more about the mysterious maiden behind these magically charged pieces, read on! 

Uneven Creations Geometric Ear Jacket

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the origin of your brand.

My name is Ann-Sophie, I’m from a small village not so far from Quebec city in Canada. I’ve always been a crafty girl with some interest in the strange and unusual and am quite a big Halloween fan! I’m a curious human being that loves to learn and collect weird stuff!

I’ve been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. I would put together anything I could lay my hands on to make a new necklace, earrings for an outfit: Legos, Barbie shoes, hardware, electronic parts and even polymer clay! After high school I started selling some fashion jewelry to my friends and acquaintances, mostly earrings and it was almost always one of a kind. At the time I wanted to study in forensic medicine; I’ve always loved science! The plan was to develop a jewelry line by night and work in the lab by day…silly me! I soon realized I couldn’t do both and decided to follow my heart and go get a jewelry formation. During that time, my fashion jewelry line was still popular with a loyal and growing clientele  so I finally settled on the name Oddly Glam, which is still in operation.

Once my jewelry (metal smith) course was done, I thought I would simply teach myself the art of pattern-making and sewing, but after a year I decided to treat myself and get into the fashion design program at my local fashion school. Of course after those years, the conception of my dream brand had changed a bit and I learned a lot about the impact of fashion on our environment and our health. That’s when I realized what would come next would need a brand new identity.

This is when Uneven was born; in 2013 about midway through my 3 year program. I did an internship in London and learnt some traditional leather techniques with Tamzin Lillywhite as well as lot of hand sewing at the White Chapel Workhouse. This experience combined with my background in jewelry and my love for latex confirmed that I wanted to create special pieces, in and old fashioned way without constraining myself.

I wanted to make something bold, something off the beaten track and that cannot be put into a box, something unequal!  The desire behind the brand is to make quality products, timeless designs and to create them with respect for our planet. I aim to create different universes for my followers to discover. I don’t want to limit myself and only create one certain style. I am quite a chameleon myself, so my style changes slightly depending on my mood. So, I certainly won’t restrict myself in my creation process. If it makes my soul happy, then it can be a part of my collection.

Since then I’ve been working part time on this project, dedicating more time and money on it every year. I’ve quickly realized that I couldn’t expand both the jewelry and clothing line at the same time with limited resources so I’ve mostly focused on the jewelry portion so far.

Uneven Creations Sterling Silver collar Ring

What inspired you to become a designer and jewelry maker?

As I said previously, I’ve always been a crafty kid and jewelry has been a passion from  a very young age. Fashion quickly became my favorite form of expression. Back in the early 2000s, finding original stuff in a small village was quite hard so making new items from scratch or transforming it was a hobby of mine. I used to love shopping and follow all the fashion weeks, runways and new collections from many popular brands. Nowadays, I feel responsible to educate people about the impact of our consumption habits on the environment and I wish I had known better when I was a kid. I think I see fashion as a convenient and fun way to create and merchandise art.

Uneven Creations Single Cat Bone Silver Pendant Necklace

Take us through a typical day in in the studio. What does your design process look like?

Being self employed often requires you to be a jack of all trades! There are so many different tasks to be done with Uneven.  Creation process includes research, sketches, technical drawings, wax sculpting and metal smithing. There is also a period of time dedicated to social media, emails and also accounting. Every day in the studio is definitely different! I try to set deadlines for different things so I can be in the studio in production mode for a few days, then another day can be spent doing product shoots and creating online listings. I will often have to try splitting myself in four to fulfill orders, sketch custom requests and prepare shipping. There is a little room in our house that has the perfect lighting where I can take most of my products photos.

The research and drawing part of creating a new collection is time consuming but might be my favorite part of the process. I always have so many ideas, yet so little time! To go from the conceptual idea to creating the actual jewelry piece is a tricky and demanding task. I love it! Patience and precision is the key.  I’ve learned to accept that perfection often lies in the small imperfections. I prefer complete handmade designs over the limitless and precise computer designing systems, so I guess I need to embrace what makes it so special and precious!

Most of the time when I create a new piece or collection there is a whole world behind it. I create mood board and often listen to music that belongs to this new universe I’m building. There is inspiration everywhere!  I love to create from nature. There are many pieces cast from real bones and animals in my work; giving them a second life. I believe there is always something beautiful to emerge from something as tragic as death itself. A typical “day” in the studio is mostly a “night” in the studio. I’m a night creature and find my creation peak is set quite late in the day. I’m still trying to manage a healthy and steady work routine alongside the work day.

What advice would you give to fellow entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion into a living?

Stop waiting for the right moment. I’ve done that for too long before realizing that the “right” moment will never come. You’ll never have enough time, enough money or the expertise you seek. Simply dive right in and learn through the process. Small progress is better than standing still on the starting line. I still need to repeat that to myself quite often.

Be kind, I’m not so sure it is an entrepreneur advice or simply a human one. This world full of competition and narcissism, so be kind. To people around you, to nature, to yourself!  Take the time to make contacts and appreciate all the small progress along the way!

Uneven Creations Witchy Mermaid Quartz Necklace

What upcoming projects are you excited about working on and what can we expect to see?

So many things! I’ve been working on the Midnight Society collection for a while now (too long honestly). Expect jewelry, accessories, and one of a kind clothing pieces in a mix of biker aesthetic mixed with late Victorian night robes. Think of a rebel bookworm! The idea comes from my work habits. I’ve done the first pieces two years ago and finally jumped into it this winter! There is a photo shoot and probably a video in the plans, so I’ll have to wait a bit more to complete it! Also there are more pieces to life cast; I have lots of bones laying around waiting for their new life. In the “queued” projects there is another collection named Femme de Renaissance, a piece inspired by Hecate’s Moonlight gorgeous wall pieces and of course more Halloween stuff!

Uneven Creations Ouroboros Silver Pendant Necklace

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

Too many possibilities, seriously! Every day I stumble upon talented and inspiring people on the internet. Photographers, makeup artists, other designers, tattoo artists; the list is endless. To name a few very dear to my heart:

Chelsea Wolfe has been a strong influence with her music and her style since day one with Uneven. She also supports many independent designers so I would simply love to work with her. Mab Graves is one of my other favourite artist to follow because of the very similar way we view of the world. She has succeeded to create and communicate in different medias by keeping her work very personal. I would really like to be a part of her universe.

Uneven Creations Eye Put A Spell On You and Jack O'Lantern Rings

What materials do you most love working with?

For jewelry I work mostly with sterling silver. I love the way it changes over time and how I can oxidize it to get a darker finish. It’s a great quality, affordable material. As for fabric I‘ve always had a fascination with latex. My very first collection when I graduated from fashion school included latex pieces. It had become more common in the last years, but when I first started to get interest in the material, it was still new to the mainstream fashion scene. It’s also what brought me to my first patterns and clothing that I made from scratch! Otherwise, I love textured fabrics and try to work with natural fibres. Knowing that fashion is one of the major polluting industries, I try to do my best and take responsibility through that. I work with leather too, mostly vegan tanned leather which is an artisanal tanning process without the harmful chemicals. I believe the plant based leather alternative will soon be more accessible.

Uneven Creations Silver Geometric Pendant Necklace

What are your other favorite indie brands that you love to support and purchase from?

I have a never-ending and ever growing lust list but to name a few, Kayleigh Peddie had been my go to lingerie designer for years now! Noctex and Ovate are also two of my favourite Canadian designers. Adrienne Rossi from Poison Apple Printshop, Kerin from Soliloquy Jewelry and Leia from Lunation Leathers are three very inspiring woman that, in my view, succeeded in building a world around their brand while keeping the “human” aspect behind the artist very present and strong. I love their work and their growth motivates me to keep working harder! Jessi Hardesty, Manière Noire, Brett Manning, Hecate’s Moonlight, Seance perfumes and Meagan Meli to only name a few should also all be on your “follow” list.

Uneven Creations Crystal Cluster Latex Pencil Skirt

Who is your favorite style icon and what else outside of fashion inspires you to create the things you do? 

Inspiration is everywhere! 90s Gwen Stefani is for sure one of my favourite style icons. She had the most influence on my style growing up and made me want to dye my hair pink around 11 years old and I’ve kept playing with colours ever since. I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously and stay true to their nature no matter the fashion trends. There are so many beautiful and creative human beings that can easily be followed on social media now. Of course there are Icons like Stevie Nicks, David Bowie who are also very inspirational. The entire work of Alexander McQueen had me hooked on fashion design in general too, but there is so much more than specific icons. Fashion History is so interesting. I love the late Victorian Era garments and accessories, art nouveau jewelry and Gothic Architecture details. I’m quite found of the whole Victorian mourning concept too.

Death has a strong and strange way to inspire me. I lost my dad at a young age and, even though it has damaged me a lot, I feel like I’ve grown both psychologically and creatively. I wanted to work in the death industry even before that. There are beautiful things that come from death and in a world where it is so easy to forget our inevitable ends, I think it is important to be aware. Memento Mori, death positive, choose your favourite label. I’m all in.

Nature is always a great source of inspiration. There are beautiful patterns and textures that you can find through a walk in the woods! So many masterpieces made naturally, it’s easy to feel like a small dot in the universe when contemplating it. As I said previously I love to imagine a whole world around pieces and collections, music is also a big part of it. Sometimes things get intertwined together so well I’m not sure which element was the catalyst.

Uneven Creations Geometric Alchemy Triangle Made of Cat Bone

Where do you see your brand in the next five years? What are your future plans?

I really want to be able to work on Uneven full time. The last two years have been good so far and I am so grateful for my followers! I really hope I’ll be able to bring to life all the collections I have in mind. I also wish to create some new clothing pieces as well.

I keep adding new tools and equipment to my studio. I really want to perfect some techniques, add more stones in my creations and make more one of a kind pieces. I hope we’ll be able to find Uneven in some physical stores as well in a near future. I’d love to participate in markets to be able to meet more of my clients. I want to get out there!

Basically, I wish for some significant growth in the next few years. Uneven is still just a baby. Hopefully, I’ll even add some people to the team one day. my cat Salem is an amazing moral support and supervisor but sometimes I would appreciate another human soul to share the workspace with!

Mostly I wish to be able to grow while maintaining high quality standards and following my vision and the ethics I feel are so very important. I want to remain a transparent business and always be proud of the process behind my pieces. I also aim to educate people about the importance of  good consumption habits. Our small actions have impact on both the planet and people involved in the manufacturing. And Finally, I wish to make more connections with other inspiring people all over the world.

A big shout out to Ann-Sophie for taking the time to answer my questions today! If you would like to keep up to date with any upcoming launches from Uneven Creations, you can follow them on their official  instagram and Facebook pages and make sure to check out their Etsy store to see even more of their incredible pieces. 

If you’re interested in checking out other indie brand that I love check out the Brand Spotlight section of my site and browse my previous interviews.


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