I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Caitlin (my boyfriend’s sister)  for her journalism class and I thought I would share the finished article. I think this post gives me the opportunity to not only showcase Caitlin’s incredible writing talent, but to present further insight into my experience as a YouTube and freelance makeup artist.

Local Artist Goes Hollywood
By Cait Macdonald

Ashley is an artist whose work is often displayed for less than a day before it is wiped away and replaced.

“I have been experimenting with the art of makeup for most of my adult life,” says Ashley, a 24-year-old Canadian make up artist, and founder of the increasingly popular Hollywood Noir Make Up.   “I began to work as a freelance artist just over three years ago. I consider this to be the point at which I had evolved into a professional makeup artist and decided to create my own business.”

“I don’t just see [make up] as a way to enhance the beauty of others, but a unique avenue in which to express a kind of  independent artistic viewpoint, whether it be in the form of theatrical, beauty, special effects makeup or even a completely abstract creation.” she says. And evolve she has.  In the last three years, Ashley has become the 39th most watched guru in Canada on her YouTube channel, raking in more than 1 million views. Part of her success, she believes, is linked to her distinct style.

Ashley’s interests span everything from classic Hollywood, to rock ‘n roll, to horror films, to science fiction, and she tries to capture these interests in her work.  Her website boasts such unusual looks as ‘Glam Rock’, ‘Cyber Goth’, ‘Pin Up Girl’, and ‘Mermaid’. She also has several series of looks including ‘Vampire’ and ‘Key West’ inspired looks.

Although Ashley goes to school for art and design, she maintains her freelance make up business and sees as many clients as she can. She enjoys experimenting independently in her chosen field, but she finds her greatest fulfillment in working with her clients.

“I think building a close relationship with your clients is one of the most important skills a business owner can acquire. When it comes to something as personal as applying makeup, you must consider the basis of trust that a client imparts to the artist,” she says,  “If I can help make [my clients] feel confident about themselves, even for a moment, then that makes me feel like I’ve contributed something worthwhile.”

Looking ahead, Ashley says that she would like to release a book and DVD tutorial of her favourite creations by the end of next year.  She doesn’t want to stop there though, her ultimate goal is to become a make up artist for films, fashion shows, television, and live theatre. Ashley is not content with being a local sensation, she is setting her sights on the world.

“I hope to have the chance to travel the world, explore other cultures, and meet other artists which will allow me to expand and push myself to create something even more complex and extravagant than the project before.”

Even though Ashley’s art is fleeting, the experience she creates, both for her clients and for those who view her outstanding work, is everlasting.



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