I have been meaning to do an outfit of the day for a while now and since June has been less than seasonal, I thought this would be a great style option for cooler weather. What I really like about this outfit is the marriage of different textures, despite the solid color scheme. I have a nearly all-black, monochromatic wardrobe so I think it’s interesting to play with patterns and textures to make up for the absence of color. I usually like to alternate between a semi-formal and casual state of dress with a lot of classic, pin up and Gothic elements being the main focal point of my clothing choices.

Phantomlovely black hooded cape jacket as modelled by hollywood noir makeup

I try to avoid labeling my style simply because it changes so often. The Gothic, rock and pin-up aspects have always been prevalent throughout my experimentation with fashion, but I find I’m always exploring new combinations and really attempt to create a mood when I put an outfit together. Perhaps the greatest appeal of this outfit is that it’s comfortable, yet doesn’t require me to sacrifice an ounce of my personal style. I really dislike not feeling polished on a day to day basis so this is one of the ways I compromise with the part of myself that always wants to be dressed up. Fashion has always been a large mode of self expression for me and I think it’s important to always put your best foot forward, no matter the occasion.

Phantomlovely black hooded cape jacket modelled by hollywood noir makeup.

As I already stated in my video, the Phantomlovely ‘Darkness’ jacket is really the showstopper of this entire outfit. I attempted to build a look that would adequately complement the beautiful fluidity of this piece. The black tank top from H&M was a clear starting point for me because of the flowing empire waist and the sheer, layered material on the bottom half of the garment. I wanted to stick with the black and silver aesthetic, so I paired it with a three buckle corset belt to give the top a bit more of a tailored look. I also acquired the belt from H&M last season for about $20 and I must admit, it has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since.

Phantomlovely Hooded Darkness Jacket in Black. Modelled by Hollywood Noir Makeup.

I was recently sent these sheer leggings for promotional purposes from the Born Pretty Store. I cannot even express how perfectly suited they are for the initial look I had in mind. I like how the criss cross pattern and transparent material breaks up the opaque black color scheme and lends it a bit of detail. Honestly, when I first put them on I felt like one of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus, so I cannot deny that this particular detail didn’t somewhat influence my decision to include them in the video. I picked up the motorcycle boots from an online sale last summer at a Canadian shoe store called Spring. The multiple buckles and straps are somewhat of a prerequisite for me when shopping for boots and with the added sale price of $40 I knew I couldn’t pass them up. The comfort factor is like nothing I’ve experienced, so I definitely got my money’s worth for a year of wear with little to no damage as of yet.

Phantomlovely black hooded darkness jacket.

In regards to my accessories, I’m sporting my two usual silver rings. The amber stone that I wear on my ring finger was a gift from my boyfriend for our first anniversary and the other ring with the opal stone in it, I happened to pick up at a jewelry booth when visiting Key West a few years back. I decided to go with a crescent moon necklace as it was a simple statement piece, yet really solidified the mystical theme I had envisioned. A friend of mine picked it up for me in Illinois at a local new age shop for $12.00 so I’m afraid I’m unsure of what specific shop it’s from.

Top – H&M ($35.00)

Corset Belt – H&M ($20.00)

Darkness’ Jacket – Phantomlovely ($120.00)

Leggings – Born Pretty Store ($11.32)

Boots – Spring ($40.00)

Necklace – New Age Shop ($12.00)


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