Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push Up Gel Liner and They're Real Mascara

Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara and Push-Up Gel Liner have been making waves in the beauty community ever since their initial release. With the Push-Up liner’s innovative patent-pending accuflex applicator and gel-pencil hybrid formula it’s easy to see why it has piqued the attention of bloggers and consumers alike. They’re Real! mascara has found continued success among the beauty savvy and is a highly coveted favorite among makeup artists and consumers alike. I’ve been having fun experimenting with They’re Real’s extended color line over the past few months and have come to some mixed conclusions. If you’d like to hear my in depth thoughts and break down of each product keep on reading!

  • Price:
  • They’re Real! Push-Up Liner – $31 CAD, $24 USD.
  • They’re Real! Mascara – $31 CAD, $24 USD.
  • They’re Real Remover – $23 CAD, $18 USD.


Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push Up LinerThey’re Real! Push-Up Liner13 gramsAvailable in Black, green, brown, blue and purple.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real MascaraThey’re Real! Mascara8.5 gramsAvailable in Black, brown and blue.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Makeup RemoverThey’re Real Remover50 mlHeavy duty makeup remover that takes off waterproof products in a pinch!

Cruelty Free: No. Unfortunately Benefit sells their products in China which require 3rd party animal testing by law.

Waterproof: No, but they’re extremely budge proof! The hardy formula requires an oil based makeup remover to take it off.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara

What I Like

Separation – Even though They’re Real! Mascara is not my preferred mascara in the Benefit line I admit that it does provide noticeable separation and length as well as being a wonderful layering tool. I have been using They’re Real! for the past few weeks since my Roller Lash ran out and I do find that it yields moderate results on my lashes. If you like acrylic applicators and are looking for more length and separation or to amp up your current mascara this one might interest you!

Finish – One of the most desirable aspects of both the gel liners and mascaras is that they have a fully matte finish. It’s very difficult to find liners in particular that don’t have some kind of vinyl sheen to them. I think it adds a little more definition to the eyes and ultimately more depth to no matter the color.

Longevity – While both products are not waterproof their staying power is quite enviable. I have worn both through various seasons and I can honestly say they hold up to the wear and tear of every day hustle and bustle. I usually have a lot of issues with makeup transferring under my eyes but I have yet to be disappointed!

Removal – When it comes to makeup I usually reach or the most long wearing or waterproof products. I work long hours and I like to make sure my makeup holds up with little to no touch ups. I tried the They’re Real! Remover a while back when it was first released and it definitely lives up to its claims. Benefit brought out this remover after many people expressed how difficult it was to remove their Push-Up liners. I find it to be useful in removing both long lasting eye and lip products. At times it can cause a slight stinging if you have sensitive eyes so bear that in mind before trying it out for yourself.

Color Selection – If you’re someone that prefers a more natural look than these earthy pops of color would be a great addition to your makeup collection. I do like that Benefit chose to release gem tones as I think they will be more universally flattering. I’m not one to wear colored mascara but I think they would be a great accent for avant garde makeup looks or those looking to add a dose of color to their daily makeup routine. Although, I do wish they had released brighter liner options for those of us that like to play with bolder colors!

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Push Up Liner In BlackWhat I don’t Like

Dry Formula – The one thing I have noticed while playing with these liners is the drier formula. I find them  difficult to layer o it can make creating the perfect liner the first time around a bit challenging. If you happen to apply the Push-Up Liner more than once beware of possible flaking and uneven texture.

Wastefulness – When opening the liner for the first time it may take quite a few clicks before dispersing any product. This is not so much the issue as the tendency to glob up around the applicator if you click a little too much. Once you use it make sure to click it up once and run it along the back of your hand to take off the excess. This is key to achieving a neat, crisp line! I think this may be one of the reasons why people dislike this liner. It is a little higher maintenance in this regard and can take some getting used to.

Inconsistent Application – Benefit claims to  have reformulated their new additions to adjust any inconsistencies from the initial launch. I think this rings true for both the green and brown liners as they do apply rather opaquely, but I can’t say the same of the purple and blue shades. It seems that when you attempt to go over an existing line or build up the color it can sometimes apply quite patchy.

Benefit They're Real Push Up Gel Liner Swatches L-R: They’re Real! Push-Up Liner in Purple, Blue, Brown, Green and Black.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara SwatchesL-R: They’re Real! Mascara – Blue and Brown.

Tips For Use:

  • To get the most out of They’re Real Push Up Liner deposit a bit of product on the back of your hand to warm it up and apply it with a liner brush.
  • It may take a few clicks for the liner to appear when newly opened. Make sure to stop once the liner becomes visible at the end of the applicator. I’ve had a few mishaps where the product continues to collect at the surface even after I’ve stopped twisting. It can be extremely frustrating as well as a giant waste of product so please bear this in mind!
  • For a crisp line every application use short, stamping motions along the upper lash line. I find the product can skip if you’re attempting to create one fluid line.
  • Apply They’re Real Mascara horizontally from base to tip wiggling the wand back and forth as you go.
  • Angle the brush vertically for added separation and curl.
  • To create even more va-voom lashes layer They’re Real Mascara over Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara.

Where to Buy – You can find both the liner and mascara for sale at Benefit counters, their online web shop as well as your local Sephora!


  • They’re Real! Mascara – 4/5
  • They’re Real! Push-Up Liner – 3.8/5
  • They’re Real! Remover – 5/5

Have you tried any of They’re Real! products? What are your thoughts and experiences with them? Thanks for stopping by and leave any questions or comments below!

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