Ben Nye Cake Liner in Black swatch.

Product: Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner

Price: Retails for $9 CAD for individual size (fl.07/2gm) and $13 CAD (fl.018/5.5 gm) for the professional size.

Color description: Opaque, matte black.

Available colors: The cake eye liner is also available in dark brown, charcoal, white, brown, taupe, eggplant and electric blue.

Texture: Smooth, pressed black surface that becomes fluid when activated with water or sealant.

What I Like:

Price – I have experimented with my fair share of eye liners over the years, ranging from several different brands but the Ben Nye cake liner  definitely makes the top of my list. With cat eyeliner being such a staple to my daily beauty regime, I wanted to find something that was not only inexpensive, but also provided great results. For $9 a pop, you really can’t go wrong. There are drugstore eyeliners that retail around this price or higher and don’t come close to comparing to the quality.

Longevity – I have particularly weepy eyes that are worsened by allergies, so I need a product that can hold up to the wear and tear of watery eyes. If you’re a working gal, who has the time to reapply their eye liner throughout the day? While the cake liner is not waterproof on its own, this is easily remedied with a bit of Illamasqua’s sealing gel or Ben Nye’s Liquiset. Take a bit of the sealant and mix it with your eyeliner and apply as usual. Voila! Perfectly lined eyes that will stand the test of time.

Pigmentation – One of the other wonderful things about this product is how opaque and pigmented it is. A lot of eye liquid eye liners have that crinkly, vinyl finish and I think it can really take away from the definition of the line. A lot of the time shimmery pigments will stick to the liner, causing it to look even more reflective. I prefer a more matte, black look and this eye liner certainly fulfills that wish. As I have stated before, cake liners in my opinion are far superior to gel liners. While I do own some, I like the fluidity that comes along with a cake liner. I think it creates a more precise and smooth finish and not to mention a darker, more defined line. If you’re new to eye liner, give the cake liner a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

What I don’t like:

If you saturate your brush with too much water and do not wipe some of the excess off, the eyeliner can tend to feather a bit once you’ve applied it on the lash line. If you make sure to monitor the amount of water you use, it is nearly full proof. This is more of a case of  personal discretion than a flaw in the product, so use your best judgement and you’ll be sporting the perfect retro flick in no time!

Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner in black and brown against a white background.

Tips for application:

  • Dip a paint brush or thin angled brush into a few drops of water. Take the damped brush and swirl it in the pan to create a paste.
  • If the brush is too wet, continue to swirl it around until the water begins to be absorbed into the product.
  • When you find your desired consistency, start from the outer corner of the eye and draw a diagonal line.
  • If you struggle with symmetry, take a piece of card and line it up on a diagonal from the outer corner of your eye and trace the desired length of your line.
  • Another trick is to use a white eye liner as a guide for your line. You can always wipe it away, but it essentially acts in the same way that the card does, providing a stencil of sorts.
  • Once your diagonal line has been drawn, place your brush at the tip and trace a line backwards until you reach the mid point of your lid. Fill in any gaps.

Where to Buy: At your local theatrical shop or online at Stage Makeup Online.

Rating: 5/5


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