Black Benjabelle Original Brush Tree

I’ve recently been reminded of the importance of talking about beauty basics on my blog and after seeing such positive feedback on my makeup artist kit essentials post I thought I would take the time to share an incredibly ingenious invention called the Benjabelle brush tree. I have been a long time follower of one of the proprietors of Benjabelle, whom just so happens to post wonderfully quirky and hilarious vlogs on her YouTube channel entitled Janabelle126. Jan approached me to try out her brush tree that she designed with her boyfriend Ben in their home studio in Madison, Wisconsin.  Of course, upon viewing this clever design I happily obliged.

Product: Benjabelle Original Brush Treeand Mini Brush Tree

Colors available: Black, white and pink.

Price: Mini brush tree: $24.95 USD, Original brush tree: $34.95 USD

Shipping: Orders are delivered by USPS Priority mail for all domestic US orders and First Class International to ensure tracking is accessible to all customers. The shipping costs range from $9.95 for Canadian orders and $11.95 on all other international orders. If you’re from the US you’re eligible for free shipping!

Black Benjabelle Original Brush Tree and Mini Brush Tree

Size: The Original Brush Tree top platform is eight inches by ten inches with the legs standing seven inches tall. The Mini Brush Tree top measures eight inches by five inches and  the legs are similar to the original height around six point five inches tall.

What I like: If any of you have struggled with finding space for newly washed brushes then you will appreciate just how compact and utilitarian this clever little contraption is. The original brush tree includes fourteen oval holes perfectly constructed for your favorite powder or face brushes. The silicone teeth offer a gentle and flexible grip that allow your brushes to hang safely upside down while drying. For any of you that are new to the makeup world, it is very important to never store your wet brushes right side up which allows the water to drain into the ferrule of the brush. This practice causes the glue and hair fibres to disintegrate which can lead to a massive amount of shedding, as well as the possibility of mildew growth.

Black Benjabelle Mini Brush Tree

The mini brush tree houses twenty-four oval silicone holes and is ideal for any miniature handles, such as eye shadow or lip brushes. If you purchase both together, you will receive $10 off the retail price which in my opinion is well worth the money, especially if you have a large collection of brushes. Another wonderful aspect to the brush trees are the elimination of malformation during the drying process. Have you ever noticed that when you leave brushes to lay down flat to dry, some of  them tend to acquire a dent? Brushes are usually quite costly and definitely an investment so not only do your brushes avoid becoming misshapen, they also dry faster and in a much more organized, compact fashion.

If you only wish to purchase one of the trees and are concerned about smaller brushes fitting into the larger holes, fear not! The silicone grip is gentle enough not to damage your brush, but it also stable enough to secure smaller handles. If you have a few miniature brushes, the best way to remedy any slippage is to fit three or four of them into one hole at once.

Black Benjabelle Mini Brush Tree With Makeup Brushes

What I don’t like:

This is not so much a complaint as it is a suggestion to improve the product. The trees can be a tad bit wobbly. I think the bottom panels that create the stand could benefit from having silicone feet to offer a bit of resistance. One of the panels seems to be used as a balancing piece for the rest of the stand and I could see it being tipped over if it’s loaded with brushes. It is by no means a deal breaker, just a thought to consider! Perhaps if you’re apart of the DIY crowd you could apply an adhesive silicone strip and test this  out!

Where To Buy: If you’d like to purchase your own brush tree, head on over to the official Benjabelle official site.

Rating: 5/5


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