Cinecitta Cosmetics from Italy

Cinecitta is a cutting edge Italian makeup line that first made its debut in Rome in 1919. As an exclusive retailer to one of Italy’s famous film studios, ‘Hollywood on the Tiber’ during the Golden era of film, Cinecitta graced many iconic movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman Holiday’ and Anita Ekberg in Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’.

I came across this brand when visiting the Natali Products Inc. a beauty and esthetics retailer office in Toronto, Ontario. I had the pleasure of chatting with Mary, the marketing coordinator at Natali and was graciously given a few products to take home with me. I admit, I was sceptical at first considering my lack of knowledge regarding the brand, but I am always up to trying out new things and needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the results!

Company: Cinecitta Cosmetics

Shipping: As a spa, beauty and esthetics retailer Natali provides world wide shipping for all relevant industry professionals.

Packaging: The clear acrylic packaging makes it convenient for viewing the shade while the black and silver aesthetic provides a sense of modern and sleek professionalism.

Cruelty Free: All Cinecitta products are completely cruelty-free.

Cinecitta Cosmetics Lash Extender

Cinecitta Cosmetics Lash Extender

Lash Extender

The lash extender operates much like mascara. The fuzzy spooly applicator adheres tiny plant fibres to the tips of your lashes to both lengthen and thicken their appearance. This product may interest those of you that want to achieve a more natural look without the fuss of applying dramatic false lashes. Simply apply a coat of mascara and then wiggle on a layer of the lash extender to elongate the tips. Continue layering both your mascara and the fibres through this process for an even more dramatic effect.

Cinecitta Baked Eye Shadow in # 39

Cinecitta Marbled Baked Eyeshadow in 39 Espresso Caldo Swatch

Marbled Baked Eye Shadow (Espresso Caldo #15) 

Espresso Caldo is a decadent warm brown shade, enriched with a shimmery copper undertone that makes this eye shadow suitable for a modern pin up look or a perfect accent to add depth to a dark, autumnal or winter smokey eye. The baked formula allows for both wet or dry use giving it a bit of diversity as well as the ability to create a subtle, bronzed sun kissed look or a more dramatic smokey eye. The shadow applies brilliantly on contact without the use of a primer or base, blends effortlessly and provides little to no fall out when applied.

Cinecita Cosmetics Arancione Lipstick in #27

CineCitta Arancione Lipstick Swatch in #27

Lipstick (Arancione #27)

A redhead can never have too many orange lipsticks in her makeup arsenal. The complimentary warmth of orange based shades paired with a pale complexion and red locks is simply unmatched! I instantly packed this lipstick into my makeup bag the moment I swatched it – and believe me when I say that I’ve nearly tried every coral shade on the market! It has a very desirable matte finish, yet the formula remains creamy and glides on the lips with ease. It has incredible staying power and instantly brightens my features during the cold and dreary winter months.

Cinecitta Cosmetics Extra Brilliant Lip Gloss Rosso Swatch

Cinecitta Extra Brilliant Lip Gloss Swatch in Rosso

Extra Brilliant Lip Gloss (Rosso #36) 

I definitely prefer matte lipstick over gloss, but this stunning, high-shine gloss has certainly found its place among my favorite products. Most of the deeper toned glosses I’ve come across are usually quite sheer in nature, but ‘Rosso’ is true to shade, packed with rich pigmentation and a boasts beautiful, opaque finish. I would almost consider this a liquid lipstick given its coverage. I normally don’t sport red glosses since darker gloss has a tendency to bleed, but I find that it’s the perfect accent to a matte red lip when I just want to add a touch of drama or to highlight the centre of the lips. It’s ultra sticky, which may me a turn off to some, but I find it lends a nice longevity and shine to the formula as a whole, especially when used beneath the hot lights of a studio or film set.

What I Like:

Price – I was pleasantly surprised with the affordable price tag of Cinecitta products, considering it’s such a highly respected and iconic brand within Italian cinema. I think its important to shed light on brands that are both inexpensive and high quality. I like that this makes it accessible to not only industry professionals, but to all makeup enthusiasts alike.

Pigmentation – I was rather impressed with the rich pigmentation and performance of each product. Some cosmetics need a bit of coaxing with the use of a primer or an opaque base to really maximize the color, but all of the Cinecitta products proved to be very vibrant in their own right. All of my swatches depicted in the pictures above were the result of one to two swipes of color and are incredibly true to shade. As a makeup artist, this significantly decreases prep time on set as well as for my morning makeup routine. Time is precious, after all!

Formula – Cinecitta products blend with ease and produce smooth, consistent finishes. I also love the gentle hydrating formula, as my skin is quite sensitive and dry so this certainly adds to the longevity and comfort of wear during the day.

What I don’t Like:

When I began experimenting with all of the products I admit I wasn’t quire sure how to use the lash extender. Given all of the directions on the packaging are in Italian, I thought it was supposed to be applied before mascara as a sort of primer to prep the lashes. This ended up creating a big mess as all the tiny fibres slipped through my lashes, sprinkling all over my face and I was convinced that the product was faulty. After experimenting with a few different methods, I found that if you first apply your mascara and then apply a liberal coating of the lash fibre over top, it yielded much better results. Other then this moment of confusion (which was no one’s fault but my own) I found that all of the products performed quite well.

Where To Buy:

For industry professionals – Natali Products. If you’re looking to purchase Cinecitta’s products and you’re not a makeup artist or esthetician, you can find a wide range of their products listed on Beauty-Lane for those of you in the UK as well as the Cinecitta Makeup page which operates out of Australia.

Rating: 8.5/10


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