Cinema Secrets Ultimate Eye Shadow and Hollywood Glitz Glitters Review
Since beginning my career as a makeup artist I have experimented with a number of different brands ranging from theatrical to TV and film quality, affordable drug store products and of course high end beauty makeup. I prefer to be as well rounded as possible when it comes to not only recommending products to my clients, but utilizing them effectively for the job at hand. One of the many reasons why I love Cinema Secrets as a brand is because it is so affordable, yet is extremely long wearing, multi-functional and of course, high quality.
Cinema Secrets was founded by Maurice Stein, (whom I had the pleasure to meet and speak with at IMATS) and he is not only a seasoned makeup pro, but an advocate for makeup education. His products are made for industry profesisonals, but have also are beloved by many beauty enthusiasts as well as the everyday makeup wearer. I have many of their products, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites eye products today that I always have stocked in my kit!


Hollywood Lights Glitz – On sale on their official website for $5 US

Hollywood Lights Mixing Adhesive – Currently, this product is not in stock on their official website but I did find it for sale on the Pro Makeup site listed at $8.00 US. This product is possibly being phased out or reformulating for a future date.

Ultimate Eye Shadows – Single shadows are on sale for $6 on their official site and retail at $12 at most other online shops, including Camera Ready Cosmetics. They have been coming out with a few new pro eye shadow palettes as of late, so if you prefer something more complete and compact, I would definitely recommend checking out the natural, smokey and chroma palettes.

Shipping: The official Cinema Secrets website only ships within the US, but you can also find their products online at Sephora as well as Camera Ready Cosmetics and most local theatre shops.

Cruelty Free: All Cinema Secrets products are cruelty-free and PETA approved.

Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights Glitter

Cinema Secrets Glitter Swatches

Cinema Secrets Micro-Fine Body Glitter in ‘Chorus Line’ and ‘Oscar’

‘Chorus Line’ is a micro-fine, vibrant turquoise glitter with a silver undertone. ‘Oscar’ is a stunning true gold, infused with a mulit-colored glimmer. Both colors are suitable for the body as well as for the lids and will surely make a striking addition to your makeup bag even after Halloween.

I think both of these would be appropriate going into the holiday season and would add a bold accent to any dramatic or glamour based look. What I love most about these two glitters is their mermaid like quality. They’re multi-faceted and catch the light quite nicely. I especially like using these on the lips or eyes during photo shoots for this reason.

Cinema Secrets Tacky Adhesive for Glitter

Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights Mixing Adhesive 

A fantastic, quick drying adhesive that allows you to liquefy your eye shadows, create custom eye liners or use as a tacky base for loose pigments and glitter. This adhesive works particularly well in tandem with the micro-fine glitter making application a no fuss process while keeping the color locked in on the lids for all day wear. I do tend to reach for my Urban Decay Bondage glitter adhesive a little more for everyday use as it has a thicker formula, but the tacky adhesive is definitely a more affordable option and is especially useful for creating glitter liner.

Cinema Secret Eye Shadow in Very Black and Gold

Cinema Secrets Eye Shadow Swatches in Very Black and Gold

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Eye Shadow in ‘Very Black’ and ‘Gold’

The Cinema Secrets ultimate eye shadows come by their name honestly. Even without the aid of a primer, these mineral based shadows apply with ease and without an over abundance of fall out. In terms of dark, matte eye shadows it’s usually quite difficult to find a black eye shadow that doesn’t produce a ton of fall out, so I was elated to to add this gem to my collection. It isn’t quite as dark as Sugarpill’s bulletproof, but leans towards a more natural black shade that is great for creating a gradient or a softer, smokey effect.

As for the gold eye shadow, it possesses a beautiful shimmer finish that would perfectly define the eyes for a fall, the holidays or a glamorous pin up look. Both shadows produce a velvety, pigmented finish that is easily blended and is also conveniently created for those of you that suffer from sensitive eyes.

Where To Buy: You can purchase Cinema Secrets products on their official website, at your local theatre shop as well as Sephora and Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Rating: Hollywood Glitz 5/5 | Tacky Adhesive 4/5 | Ultimate Eye Shadows 4/5

Let me know what products you’re interested in trying from their line in the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts. I am hoping to do more reviews of their products, so if you have any suggestions please let me know what you’d like to see and I will consider doing it in the future!


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