Lonjure False Eyelashes in Beloved and Vixen

Product: Lonjure False Eyelashes in “Beloved” and “Vixen”.

Price: Retails for $2.49 USD per set of lashes.

Shipping: International. Free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $35.

Color Description: High shine, black vinyl finish.

What I Like:

Price  – I usually spend between $4-8 on average for a pair of Ardell or Quo lashes. In my opinion $2.49 is an incredibly affordable price. Whether I’m stocking up on lashes for clients or for my own personal use, it can quickly become an expensive endeavor!  The sturdiness and quality of the band are also a plus. The use of both synthetic and human hair in Lonjure lashes seem to withstand everyday wear and tear making them reusable and a worthwhile investment.

Flexibility – This particular brand of lashes feel less weighted than most dramatic lashes. I trimmed all of my pairs before use and they fit perfectly. I have quite small eyes, so this is a regular routine for me. Another thing to note is the flexibility in the band. I find that the Lonjure lashes are easy to shape which makes them even easier to apply and increase the staying power. There is nothing worse than a stiff band that constantly lifts off the lash line!

Diversity – One aspect that caught my attention was the selection of lashes available. I like to experiment with different styles and I think Lonjure offers a number of lashes that would suit anyone’s taste. Whether you prefer volume, length or something more natural, there are four different pairs to choose from in each category. I wore the “Beloved” lashes in my Arabian nights tutorial, so if you want to see what they look like on check out my video here.

Lonjure Beloved False Eye Lashes

What I don’t like:

The only thing that is slightly bothersome to me is the high shine finish and slightly long band. If you want your lashes to look more natural, a matte appearance is usually best. This is definitely more noticeable with the fuller lashes, so it can easily be overcome by choosing  a pair that has more length rather than volume. If you want an incredibly vinyl sheen that adds some drama to your look, I would suggest something along the lines of “Beloved” from the volume collection.

Tips for application:

  • Place your thumb on the ends of the lashes and gently pull them forward off the raised plastic tray. This will ensure that you remove the lashes without bending the shape. You can also do this by gripping the ends gently with a pair of tweezers.
  • Sit the lashes on your upper lash line to get a feel for the length. If they’re too large for your eye shape, take a pair of small scissors and trim the edges. Lay them side by side to ensure they’re the same length.
  • Next, apply a thin strip of glue on the lash band.
  • Hold either edge between your forefinger and thumb and gently bend it in a half moon shape while you wait thirty seconds for the glue to become tacky. This will help to shape the lashes and make them easier to apply.
  • Place the eyelash band on the middle portion of the lash line and use a pair of tweezers to grip the outer lashes and position the band where you want it.
  • Once you have the general placement, secure the outer portion of the band by gently pressing it as close to the lash line as possible. Repeat the same steps to ensure the inner edge is firmly in place as well.
  • Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes and then apply a black liquid or cake liner over the band of lashes to disguise the glue and to help camouflage the band.
  • When you’re finished with your lashes, dip them in an oil-free makeup remover solution and place them on a clean cloth or piece of kleenex. Take a cotton ball and begin gently rubbing the excess mascara off the lashes.
  • Next, take a pair of tweezers and peel away any glue residue from the band. Place it back on the tray to may maintain its shape.

Where to Buy: Online at Lonjure.com

Rating: 4/5


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