OCC Skin Concealer shades on a white background Product Name

OCC Skin: Conceal

Company Name

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics


$20.00 USD for 8.5 grams of product.


Transparent acrylic pot with the OCC font printed in black on a classic twist top lid. Ingredients and product number are listed on a sticker on the bottom.


Satin-matte finish.

OCC Skin Concealer swatches on white background

Color Description

R0 – Palest red-based skin tone.
R1 – Pale red-based skin tone.
R2 – Medium-light red-based skin tone.
R3 – Medium-dark red-based skin tone.
R4 – Dark red-based skin tone.
R5 – Darkest red-based skin tone.


OCC Skin Conceal Swatches in Y Shades on white background
Y0 – Palest yellow-based skin tone.
Y1 –  Pale yellow-based skin tone.
Y2 –  Medium-light yellow-based skin tone.
Y3 –  Medium-dark yellow-based skin tone.
Y4 –  Dark yellow-based skin tone.
Y5-   Darkest yellow-based skin tone.

What I Love

There are not many concealers on the market that offer full coverage without looking overly thick on the skin. OCC Conceal rises to the challenge and produces a fully opaque finish while still remaining very natural looking. This product effortlessly covers an array of common skin concerns such as redness, blemishes and various discoloration and can even be used as a foundation when buffed into the skin with a flat top kabuki brush. One of the most beneficial qualities is the ability to choose between a range of extremely fair and darker shades. I rarely find a color pale enough to suit my fair skin, but the R0 shade is a perfect fit. It is extremely brightening and is especially efficient when applied under the eye area for added an boost. The other thing I really love is its ability to set into a powder. This feature eliminates that extra step, making it more convenient and a must have for any make up artist’s kit.

What I Don’t Love

The only thing that I disliked about this product was its ability to emphasize dryness. Since the formula dries into a powder, I find that it is best to take precaution and make sure you’re especially hydrated before applying.

Tips for Application

  • Make sure your skin is extra hydrated before applying. I have very dry skin and sometimes if I haven’t moisturized enough it can tend to make the dryness a bit more noticeable.
  • Use your fingers to apply the product to your areas of concern.  The warmth of the fingertips helps to warm up the product and ensures a more seamless and blended appearance.
  • If you’re extra dry, avoid setting it with a powder. This particular concealer dries into a powder finish on its own.

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