I recently came across an emerging independent fashion line called Phantomlovely. The brand derives its inspiration from the mystery and romance surrounding night time, the occult and supernatural lore. After spending several moments suspended in amazement at the images before me, I contacted the talented founder and creator of the line, Leila Marlene, to express my love for her work. Leila kindly sent me the Darkness jacket to review for my readers, so I would like to take this opportunity to unveil Phantomlovely to all of you in hopes that you will find her work as enchanting as I do.

Phantomlovely Hooded Darkness Jacket in Black. Modelled by Hollywood Noir Makeup.

Product: Phantomlovely Darkness Jacket.

Price: Retails for $118 USD and $124 CAD.

Fabric: This piece was created using 92% black modal jersey and 8% knit materials that result in a very comfortable and fluid piece fit for everyday wear.

Sizing: Available in both small/medium and large/x-large and tall size.

Available Colors: Black or ivory.

Item Care: It is very important to mention that you must turn the jacket inside out and hand wash it in cold water. To avoid unsightly wrinkles, lay the jacket flat after being washed and allow it to air dry. Do not attempt to twist or ring the item while wet and be advised that turning it inside out while ironing it on the lowest (Rayon/Viscose) setting will yield the best results.

Shipping: Phantomlovely ships worldwide! The majority of items in the shop are made-to-order unless stated otherwise. These items require 7-10 days to complete before being shipped to its destination. The international shipping rates are very reasonable compared to most online retail shops I’ve come across. I’m sure this is a pertinent factor for those of you that prefer to shop online like I do.

Phantomlovely black hooded cape jacket modelled by hollywood noir makeup.

What I Like:

Theme – I was absolutely bewitched by this piece and the mystical inspiration behind the entire Phantomlovely line. The Darkness jacket is such a timeless addition to any wardrobe; one that is both alluring and mysterious. There is a kind of whimsical charm when you first put it on. I felt as if I had stepped out of an ancient and mystical wood in a dark fairy tale. I also like to  incorporate clothes into my wardrobe that have an interesting aesthetic or shape. If you’re anything like me and dislike wearing clothes that everyone else has, then you will appreciate the uniqueness of this piece.

Shape – One of the first things I noticed about this jacket was the beautiful silhouette created by the asymmetrical cut and over-sized hood. I’ve always loved long, flowing capes and I think the handkerchief hem is one of the most unique and beautiful aspects of this piece. You can adorn it with a thick corset belt if you prefer a tailored look or leave it open and pair it with a few flowing layers and a scarf to create two vastly different looks. Besides the supernatural appeal, I think the versatility in the design is what really sold me on the jacket to begin with.

Comfort- The jersey fabric allows for a lot of movement and is extremely comfortable to wear. I love that it possesses an incredibly high quality aesthetic, yet is built for comfort. Let’s be honest, most of us want something chic yet practical for everyday wear!

Customer Service – One thing that remains very important to me is customer service, especially in regards to shopping online. Although I didn’t purchase the jacket, Leila has consistently displayed a professional, considerate and kind attitude that every shop owner should aspire to. Her warm interactions with her customers and dedication to her craft is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. She is truly one of a kind!

Phantomlovely black hooded cape jacket as modelled by hollywood noir makeup

What I don’t like:

I always like to include at least one negative aspect to ensure all my reviews are honest. The one thing that some people may find bothersome is the long, dual flowing fabric on either side of the jacket. I happened to get the bottom of  mine quite wet while crouching down into a car one day. If you’re on the shorter side, you may want to wear a taller pair of boots and just be mindful of the fabric when engaging in anything active.

Where to Buy: Online at the Phantomlovely Etsy Shop.

Rating: 5/5

I would like to extend my gratitude to the lovely Leila Marlene for graciously sending me this beautiful piece. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to share her work with all of you. If you would like to see more of Leila’s clothing line and stay up to date on her future releases, make sure to check out the Phantomlovely Etsy shop and follow her on her official Facebook pageTwitter and Tumblr.


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