Hello, fair readers! I hope you have all been doing well. I thought I would take some time on this wonderful rainy afternoon to share a brand called Sovrin Apparel that I’ve been admiring as of late. At first glance, its paranormal themes and anatomy inspired imagery are what led me to explore the brand further. I have been all about comfort lately, especially with traveling back and forth to work and partaking in all of the mundane errands that accompany a regular day. I’m delighted to share this brand with all of my darkly inclined readers in hopes that you too will find a treasured piece to add to your collection.

Time permitting, I would love to continue penning these types of posts on a more consistent basis. Perhaps it’s the change of the season that breathes new life into my creative endeavors and beckons me back. I have missed communicating with everyone and cherish the few moments I do get to share my passions with you! I would love to hear what all of your favorite independent clothing and accessory brands are as of late. Leave me your suggestions in the comment section below and let me know what to check out. Stay tuned for an accompanying OOTD video coming soon!

Sovrin Apparel Skeleton Muscle Tank Review

Product: Sovrin ‘Destroyed Skeleton Creature Muscle Tank’ and ‘Rune Sword Leggings’.

Price: The distressed muscle tank retails for $30 USD and the ‘Rune Sword’ leggings are listed on site as $35.00 USD.

Fabric: The leggings are fashioned of 95% cotton and 5% elastane making it extremely durable and comfortable. The distressed tank is made of 100% jersey cotton. Both designs featured are hand-printed by Kayla using eco-friendly, water based ink. Environmentally conscious brands are always a plus in my books!

Sizing: Sovrin uses American Apparel muscle tanks to print and offer unisex sizes ranging from small/medium/ large. The ‘Rune Sword’ leggings are available in small to extra-large.

Black SOVRIN Rune Sword Leggings

Available Colors: Black as well as custom color orders.

Payment: Sovrin accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

Shipping: Sovrin ships world wide via USPS ground shipping and first class mail for international orders. Orders can take up to six weeks to ship but express shipping (2-3 business days) is also available. The shipping rates are very reasonable compared to most online retail shops I’ve come across. A note of warning, be aware of your countries duties, taxes and customs clearance fees before purchasing as this can lead to unexpected costs at your local post office.

SOVRIN Apparel Alternative Goth Outfit of the Day

What I Like

Fit – I love that I can have the comfort of yoga pants without compromising my style or appearing slovenly in public. Both pieces are made from soft cotton fabric that allows for a certain breath-ability and flexible movement. The leggings sit nicely around my waist and fit snug throughout the length of my leg without being too restricting. I chose a size medium since I have bigger hips and thighs and it seems to accommodate them rather nicely. The muscle tank is a size small and gives a tight yet properly fitted appearance on my curvier figure.

Theme – Not only was I initially struck by the stunning Norse symbolism but I was elated to see that Kayla paid homage to Lord of the Rings by incorporating Khazalid, (the dwarf alphabet) in her design to spell out the name of her company. The length of the blade also features three iconic runes Dagaz, Manaz and Sowilo that frame the word Sovrin. It’s a nice intimate, personalized touch that is a rarity among fashion these days.

Sovrin Apparel Goth Outfit of The Day

Design-  I like to think of leggings as a casual version of the little black dress. You can dress them up or down and they’re always simplistic enough to layer with other pieces in your wardrobe. Since I usually only wear black or monochromatic pieces, I like to accentuate my style through little details and varying textures. The simple white on black design and stylistic Norse runes make for a whimsical touch without taking away too much from other aesthetic focuses. The muscle tank sports an ode to the anatomical and supernatural symbolism like the Ouija stylus, zodiac symbols and the eye of Ra which I quite enjoy.

Ethical and Eco-friendly – It’s important to know where your clothing is sourced from and how it’s made, so I particularly enjoy how Kayla incorporates the use of American Apparel for her print work. American Apparel is created in the U.S. and is sweat shop-free and offers fair living wages to its employees. She also uses organic bamboo blends for her original witching hour line and water based inks for her printing process. Every effort to help save the environment is big plus in my books, especially with the assistance and leadership of brands with a larger reach and audience.

Sovrin Apparel Skeleton Creature Muscle Tank Top Outfit of The Day

What I don’t Like: 

Try as I may, I have not yet found anything I dislike about these items. The shipping and communication was incredibly fast and the quality of the items have stood the test of time. There may be a slight bit of wear on the prints as time goes on due to regular washing, but other than that I would highly recommend all of Sovrin’s products.

Where to Buy: Online at the Sovrin official site and Etsy shop.

Outfit Items:

  • ‘Nightwing’ two-tone leather jersey knit shrug – By Phantomlovely
  • Skeleton Creature Muscle Tank – By SOVRIN Apparel
  • Crescent moon necklace: New age shop
  • Rune Sword Leggings – By SOVRIN Apparel
  • Corset Knee High Boots – By Spring

Rating: Quality: 5/5 Price: 5/5 Fit: 5/5  Comfort: 5/5 Overall: 5/5

I would like to extend my gratitude to the ever talented proprietor of Sovrin Apparel, Kayla Garland for graciously sending me these two pieces to review. I feel grateful to have the chance to expose all of you to her wonderfully macabre creations. If you would like to know more about Kayla’s process and get to know about the inspirations behind her work, check out my interview here. To see more of Kayla’s designs and stay informed on her upcoming work make sure to check out her official site  and follow her on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 


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