I am utterly obsessed when it comes to experimenting with different scents, whether it’s in the form of perfume oils, incense or scented candles. While browsing Etsy one day I stumbled across an independent candle company called Witch City Wicks. The creator behind these all natural, hand-crafted soy candles is Liz Frazier, a former graphic designer and artisan that operates out of the historically rich city of Salem, Massachusetts.

I was in awe of how much her alternative aesthetic was in tune with my own tastes and I desperately wanted to test out every scent concoction she had in her shop. I thought her dark and decadent imagery and super-charged scents would be a welcome addition to my blog and of course to my home! In this review you’ll find an in-depth look at four Gothic inspired candles from the Witch City Wicks ‘House of Wax’ collection. 

Witch City Wicks All Natural Hand-Crafted Soy Candles in Wolf Moon, Bite Me, Absinthe and Greenman

Products: Hand-crafted, all natural soy candles in Wolf Moon, Bite Me, Absinthe and GreenMan.

Price: $13.50 USD, $15.30 CAD for an individual 6 OZ. candle jar.

Shipping: Domestic orders typically take between 3-5 business days and international orders take 5-7 days to be processed and shipped to their intended destination. Every order is shipped via USPS Priority Mail and is carefully calculated by Liz herself to ensure the lowest rates apply and to avoid any shipping overage fees.

Packaging: 6 OZ. transparent glass jar with black plastic screw top lid. The added touch of high quality, decorative Gothic labels turned a potentially bland candle into a work of art. I think the lush imagery would be a wonderful accent to any living space looking to add a bit of alternative touch.

Burning Time: Approximately 35 hours per candle.

Scent Descriptions:

Witchj City Wicks Wolf Moon Candle From The House Of Wax Collection

‘Wolf Moon’

Notes: Musk, geranium, patchouli, woodsy accents.

I was initially drawn to this candle because of the title’s obvious nod to the Type O Negative song ‘Wolf Moon’. Whether this was an intentional source of inspiration or not, it certainly grabbed my attention! This delectable scent is steeped in a heavy musk with an earthy, patchouli scent evoking the essence of sprawling greenery and the murky forest floor. It has this wonderful masculine appeal to it, but the accents of geranium definitely lend it a bit more of a feminine, floral appeal making it a rather well rounded, unisex scent. It’s definitely a complex mixture, as I always feel like I detect a different aspect of each note every time I untwist the cap.

Witch City Wicks Absinthe Candle


Notes: Star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, fresh green herbs, amber and woods.

My first introduction to the ‘Absinthe’ scent was met with a long inhalation and ended with a contented sigh. This candle boasts a very spicy cinnamon scent on first contact with the star anise and fennel implementing that classic, black licorice aroma that absinthe is historically renowned for. It hits the nostrils in quite a sharp way at first, but the longer you put your nose to the scent the more the herbs and amber begin to emerge, transforming it into a much gentler, sweet aroma. I would classify this candle as an exotic fall themed fragrance, but since fall has always been my favorite season and I have particular penchant for peppery and spicy concoctions, I imagine I’ll be burning this all year round.

Witch City Wicks Bite Me Candle From The House of Wax Collection

‘Bite Me’

Notes: Cherry, berry, lime, orange, herbal accents with a vanilla base.

If you prefer tropical citrus scents consider putting this candle at the top of your must have list! This was my boyfriend’s absolute favorite candle of the bunch and I would have to agree with him on this one. I found myself opening the lid over the course of a day just to catch a whiff of it. I feel that ‘Bite Me’ was the least mysterious candle of them all, as each fruit based essence surfaced quite beautifully on its own without leaving much to the imagination . The vanilla, cherry and citrus notes seem to ooze out on top with an outright sensuality, while the lime and berry mingle quite daintily within the very heart of the scent. It reminds me of the sweet perfumed breeze you might encounter in the south on a warm summers eve. It’s certainly the perfect mood setter if you find yourself romancing your way into the arms of a delicious, human morsel.

Witchy City Wicks Greenman Candle

‘Green Man’

Notes: Oakmoss, amber, musk.

Greenman is a harmonious mixture of earthy oak moss shrouded in a crisp, wood-soaked amber musk. The imagery that first came to mind was a vast expanse of blooming greenery with the smooth, underlying scent of smoky leather swirling over the earth like a thick fog. I imagine this would smell quite divine on a man even as a cologne because it has this inexplicable freshness to it, yet a masculine musky-wood scent that just boasts a sort of wild, rugged appeal. I’m quite smitten with it to be honest. I love how it comes on gentle and unimposing at first and then begins to blossom into a sharper, smokier bold scent. It is both powerful and mysterious.

My Favorite Scents

It is incredibly rare for me to like so many different scent categories, but I feel like each candle offers such a unique sensory experience. I’m generally very attune to things in my environment such as sound and smell so I find myself gravitating towards a different candle depending on the day and my mood. If I had to narrow it down to two candles, I would definitely say that ‘Bite Me’ and ‘Absinthe’ would be my go-to favorites.

What I Like:

Artistry and Packaging– The first thing that caught my attention is the ornate, decorative labels. Liz has put her extraordinary design skills to use and created uniquely Gothic imagery to compliment the theme of each individual scent. I find this a refreshing touch, as most of the candles I’ve purchased have incredibly bland or understated packaging. I think this not only personally reflects Liz’s artistic vision and taste, but creates a visual ambiance that accompanies each scent. I like that I can place these candles anywhere in my home and it enhances the décor as well as showcasing an aspect of my personal style.

Diversity – Besides dedicating a large portion of the site to Gothic inspired collections, Witch City Wicks also offers an array of classic and minimalistic candle designs. I think some brands can alienate a larger audience by being overly niche. Liz has stayed true to her brands identity and alternative flair, but she has proven that she is also a well rounded business woman by offering diverse products that can be enjoyed by a varying demographics.

Organic Product and Scent Strength –  Candles that are made from soybean wax do not emit chemicals while burning, produces less soot and also burn slower than conventional paraffin candles. All the products used by Witch City Wicks are 100% natural, including the fragrance oils, lead-free cotton wicks and dye. This is certainly an ideal company for anyone that is environmentally conscious and wants to help support renewable resources while investing in all-natural, vegan products.

I’m sure most of you have come across several scented candles that weren’t nearly potent enough. This is certainly not the case with Witch City Wicks candles! I was taken aback by how bold each candles respective scent was. I was sceptical at first, thinking the aroma might cease to exist once I lit the candle (since this has happened to me before) but the quality and aroma these candles exude are quite remarkable!

What I Don’t Like:

I thought long and hard about a negative aspect to report on, but I was hard pressed to come up with anything. I try to view each company as objectively as possible, but the only thing I thought could be considered a con was the international shipping prices. I know this is a difficult thing to avoid, especially given the weight of glass candle jars. Since the quality and the longevity of the candles is such high calibre, I feel it’s worth the extra money.

Where To Buy: Online at the Witch City Wicks official site for all U.S. orders as well as their fully stocked Etsy Shop for domestic and international orders.

Rating: 5/5

If you’re interested in purchasing Liz’s hand crafted candles or keeping up to date with her newest releases, check out the Witch City Wicks official site and and follow their FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages!


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