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Product Name

Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

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$8.00 CAD for 118ml/4 fl. oz.


Clear eco-friendly acrylic bottle with brown and white pump dispenser. The label and ink are environmentally friendly, compost-able and made form annually renewable resource corn.


This serum has one of the best tropical coconut scents I have ever encountered. I find myself running the serum through my hair on a daily basis just so I can catch a whiff of the sweet coconut scent.

Hair Type

Suitable for all hair types. Sulfate free.

What I Love

There are simply not enough words to express how much I love this serum. As you’ve probably noticed in most of my hair care reviews, I mention my continuous struggle with split ends and dehydrated hair. I have been in the process of  figuring out which products to incorporate into my daily regime to help grow my hair out and this serum has definitely helped.

The product claims to include organic coconut milk to nourish hair, as well as whipped egg white proteins to promote strength and elasticity. With an added blend of coconut oils, this formulation provides hydration and repairs all hair types that are in need of a little extra TLC.

I would have to agree that after applying the serum to my ends, I have noticed a definitely change in the strength of my hair. It leaves it looking shiny, and very soft even after I’ve applied copious amounts of heat to it. It’s a wonderful product to use before bed as well, and leaves your hair smelling wonderfully sweet.

What I Don’t Love

There isn’t anything I have found that is negative about this product, unless you’re adverse to strong coconut smells. If it’s the greasiness you’re worried about, make sure to apply it to the ends and avoid the roots. Other than that, the product performs like a dream!

Where to Buy

Your local drugstore or online at



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