a model for Blonde Swan hat boutique wearing one of their deluxe Elizabethan riding hats.

The Blonde Swan is an Ohio based  fine hat boutique created by Elisabeth Martin and Alex Poznanski that specializes in steampunk, cosplay and renaissance costumes and accessories. In the very early stages of the company, the pair channeled their talents into producing various feather sculptures. It was only in 2001 when Alex suggested that the company expand their horizons and delve into the art of hat-making that the couple decided to take the show on the road and attend a Renaissance festival to display their latest fantasy, and renaissance inspired products. Since then, The Blonde Swan has erupted onto the scene and now attend several costume conventions across the country delighting their fans with their playful, genre-bending hats and accessories.

I was first introduced to the company when I attended the Origins gaming convention in Columbus, Ohio in 2011. I was instantly drawn in by their decadent booth and bold displays and ended up purchasing a pair of their beautiful brown and gold goggles that I wore in my steampunk make up tutorial. The quality of the leather and gold adornments were what really stood out to me, as I always am quite picky about the quality of craftsmanship when seeking out new accessories. I say with the utmost admiration, that  I am continually impressed with the amount of quality work and passion that goes into making each and every piece.

The Blonde Swan is not only about fine hat making, but about Alex and Elisabeth’s passion for creativity and innovation. They take the utmost pride in the creation of their products and only use the finest leather and fabrics to fashion their timeless designs. Every piece is sewn, burnished and stitched with care on location so you know that what you’re getting is a not only beautiful, yet a solid investment that will last a lifetime. If you want to know more about the Blonde Swan or check out their latest designs, check out their Facebook Page or their official Etsy shop.