In my first makeup kit essentials post I focused on ten tools and products I believe should be included in every professional make-up artists kit! I’d like to think of this as a continuing series where I can break down each section and make it as informative as possible for beginners. I find this check-list method much less overwhelming as it allows you to keep a sense of organization and clarity when cultivating the perfect collection to suit both you and your clientèle.

Shu Uemura Metal Eyelash Curler

1) Eyelash Curler – A self-explanatory tool, but very important none the less! Eyelash curlers are essential to creating the illusion of longer lashes as well as making the eyes appear more open and awake. It’s especially useful on clients that possess shorter or wayward eye lashes. I prefer to use the classic metal Shu Uemura eyelash curler which is ideal for adding more definition to smaller focal points like the inner and outer lashes.


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