Cosmetic Latex Sponges

4)  Sponges and Powder Puffs – I always prefer to stock my kit according to the theme and needs of each shoot but it is always advisable to carry an array of disposable sponge applicators and cosmetic powder puffs. Sponges are useful on so many levels whether you’re using them to apply moisturizer or foundation to the face, diffuse any streaks from cream products such as blush or foundation or spritzing them with water to sheer out concealer or foundation to give them a more natural looking effect.

Powder puffs are wonderful for applying pressed or loose powders and offer a much more tailored application than a powder brush. It’s one of the ideal ways to set a cream product, cut down on shine or prevent creasing since it’s allows for a much more precise and clean application. I personally love the Cinema Secrets Powder Puff because it covers  a lot of surface area, holds a lot of product and is filled with  memory foam that makes it washable for reuse.


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