This article will express the importance of certain products and tools that I think are essential in every makeup artist’s kit. Organization and preparedness play an essential role in any job and also help to limit stress! The last thing you want is to show up unprepared on a set. Makeup artists need to act quickly and efficiently and solve problems on the fly. Hopefully you’ll find these suggestions helpful in creating a professional and functional kit.

Stainless Steel Palette and Cosmetic Spatula

1) Cosmetic Spatulas and Stainless Steel Palettes – Do not underestimate the usefulness of these tools. One of the primary concerns when working with clients is to maintain a high level of hygiene. You want to make sure you’re not dipping your brush into a product after you’ve already applied it on your client’s face. This is especially true for emollient, liquid, or cream based products that can easily accumulate bacteria. Dip the spatula into the product and extract only what you think you’ll need for the job at hand. Scrape a small amount of product and place it on a sterile palette and avoid any double dipping.


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