Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub Polish

5) Lip scrub and balm These are two of the most coveted items in my kit. I have encountered so many chapped lips on both men and women and it makes it extremely hard to apply any lip products with such a rough canvas. I really like the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish for exfoliating the lips and Carmex lip balm to keep them moisturized afterwards. Carmex lip balm is especially beneficial because it has a nearly matte so it’s perfect for male clients that don’t want a glossy finish. 

If you’re a makeup artist on a budget you can always take two tablespoons of white or brown sugar and mix it in with a half a tablespoon of olive oil to create a thick paste. You can keep this concoction refrigerated and bring it in a small Tupperware container to use as a home-made lip scrub while prepping for the makeup application!


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