Since Illamasqua emerged on the market, I’ve found myself incredibly drawn to their lush advertisements and penchant for bizarre and ecclectic imagery. There are not many brands that conjure up as much passion for the art of make-up as Illamasqua does, so I took it upon myself to design a look that would parallel the themes displayed in their Toxic Nature S/S 11′ line. I haven’t filmed a theatrical tutorial in some time, so I thought I would present you with something a little more avant garde for a much needed change of pace.

I  love how the collection has the ability to utilize such strong colors and playful imagery, yet still conveys a thought provoking social commentary of the disintegration of the environment in midst of the worlds expanding industry. You would imagine a name like Toxic Nature would be limited to a collection of in your face neon shades, but the line also provides muted pastel tones that evoke a sense of balance even among the tumultuous world they’ve painted. I really enjoyed this contrast of emotions and was truly inspired by the way Alex Box always incorporates that duality of both danger and beauty in her work.

I decided to use this harmony of and design a concept  that drew upon the transformative ability and beauty of a butterfly. I used a combination of graphic lines and bold colors to further portray the intricate details found within a butterflies wings. I chose to incorporate the neon green color on the middle of my eyes, hoping to capture the essence of  that subtle blink of color you see when a butterfly opens and closes its wings.

I wanted it to read like a poisonous plant. Seemingly enchanting and beautiful, yet deadly to the touch. It’s certainly more of a Gothic high fashion look, but it felt like the best direction to take since I was paying homage to one of the leading alternative makeup brands. I certainly went through a few transitions with this look, altering the shapes and shifting the placement of things, but I really like how it turned out this time. I wanted the striking colors and sharp lines to make people look twice, like they had missed some small detail the first time around.

Visit my Toxic Butterfly video tutorial to read step by step instructions, and see the products I used to create my make up look inspired by Illamasqua’s Toxic Nature Collection!


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