• Interview: Kato of Steampunk Couture

    Interview: Kato of Steampunk Couture

    Steampunk Couture was founded by British designer Kato in 2005. Until recently, Kato has operated as a one woman show illustrating, sewing, and modeling her own designs. Kato’s work spans from couture and costumes to hand made props […]

  • Company Profile: Illamasqua

    Company Profile: Illamasqua

    Founder: Julian Kynaston, CEO of Illamasqua and founder of the successful UK marketing agency Propaganda. Motto:  “Make-up for your alter ego” Origin: London, UK. When Illamasqua launched: November, 2008. Packaging: Their products are crafted in […]

  • Interview: Ashley of LisaFreemontStreet

    Interview: Ashley of LisaFreemontStreet

    Ashley, also known as LisaFreemontStreet, is one of the front runners of vintage hair tutorials on YouTube. She was kind enough to answer some of the questions I had about her beautiful, retro hairstyles and […]

  • Company Profile: Cinema Secrets

    Company Profile: Cinema Secrets

    “The best foundation is education.” – Maurice Stein Founder: Maurice Stein, renowned beauty and special effects makeup artist. Origin: Burbank, California. Date of Inception: 1984 Known For: While you may have heard Maurice Stein’s name […]

  • Company Profile: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

    Company Profile: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

    “The first step is admitting you have a problem,” says company founder David Klasfeld, “I did and the result is a line obsessively crafted from the finest ingredients possible, to celebrate the driving compulsions of makeup […]

  • Illamasqua SS11 Toxic Nature Collection

    Illamasqua SS11 Toxic Nature Collection

    With warmer weather just around the corner many makeup brands have begun to promote their fresh faced  S/S  lines.  To those of you that read my blog or watch my channel are no doubt  aware […]