Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is the mysterious lady behind Bloodmilk Jewelry?

Jess-Schnabel-as-Joan-of-ArcI always feel a little uncomfortable answering this question, it’s hard to distill myself into a few words or sentences, (as I’m sure it is hard for anyone to do so) I find that I express so much of myself, what I believe in, what I struggle with through Blood Milk: in a way, it is almost uncannily confessional. Mostly I feel a bit awkward and shy in person (certainly not mysterious at all) and bold and decisive online. What an odd contradiction!

What initially inspired you to concoct such a deeply spiritual aesthetic for your jewelry line?

I experienced a profound loss in 2008 and became intensely interested in Victorian mourning jewelry. I began obsessing about the afterlife: if there was one and if so, what it was like: could one continue, somehow, a relationship with the dead? These are all ideas that still plague me and I find comfort in the physical ritual mourning jewelry represents, it’s really one of the only things in our culture that deals with death in a more tangible way and it’s an antique notion (so perhaps it’s not really in our culture after all.) I wanted to elaborate on this, make my own kind of mourning jewelry. I haven’t stopped since. So, Blood Milk is a kind of physical working out of my issues with death and grief. Somehow I got lucky enough that people want to wear these strange pieces of jewelry!

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