What advice would you offer to those interested in starting their own business venture?

Silver-Planchette-NecklaceThe best practical advice I can give is to utilize social media. Be brave and share your vision honestly. (It’s free and 100% in your hands!) Be consistent and have a cohesive aesthetic. I also recommend building a community of people who are also makers. It will become a support system, make you feel less alone. The community I have (both online and in my city) is amazing and I feel so lucky to have made true connections with people all over the world. Other advice is to just keep at it, even if you believe no one is looking or paying attention. Mistakes happen to everyone, learn from them and move on.

What are the steps involved in fabricating one of your custom pieces?

It’s really rare I’m able to make anything truly custom these days, unfortunately.

What projects can we expect to see from Bloodmilk in 2013?

I’m working on introducing new objects with artist Paul Romano, aside from jewelry that will stay true to Blood Milk and that I think people will enjoy. Also, I have a gallery show coming up in September at The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym and I hope to have a new line out soon as well.

What other creative elements inspire your work? (Artists, writers, nature, music, fashion?)

All of the above inspires me. I try to live an inspired life, engaging with all of the above on a regular basis to stay motivated. I’m extremely sensitive and a bit gloomy (which I think comes across in my work) so sometimes this is a huge challenge for me. I think it is important though, to be constantly looking for images, or music, or books or places to escape into.

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