Herbs from the For Strange Women Studio
What are some of your favorite ingredients or materials to utilize in your work?

I love natural materials with nice texture. Scent has “texture” as well, and some of my favorite textures are moss, amber, letterpress printing, recycled paper, leather, wood, and natural stones.

Are there any notable inspirations that guide you in your work?

The forest, my friends are great muses, and music.

What advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Make what you love and you will never need to question “will people even want this?” Know that there are others as strange as you and if you make something you really love, other people will connect with it and love it as well. You just have to find those people who are like you… which in itself is awesome.

What projects can we expect from For Strange Women in 2013?

I am going to keep doing limited edition items because these have been SO fun for me. I am also working on a secret new collaboration that may result in another Etsy shop because it is not perfume related. But its totally strange.

What has been your defining moment of success to date?

Quitting the real world of “jobs”. I’ll never go back.

I’d like to thank Jill for kindly taking the time to chat and lend us some insight into her wonderful perfumed concoctions. If you would like to check out Jill’s shop or purchase any of her products, head on over to her official site and keep up with her future updates by visiting her blog, twitter and Facebook pages!

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