Kyle X Kilgore Owner and Fashion Designer Behind The Alternative Fashion Line Blk. Label X

Blk. Label X is an alternative clothing brand created by Spanish born fashion designer, Kyle X Kilgore in 2012. After moving to the U.S. Kyle relocated to Tampa, Florida to soak up the rich alternative culture of the Goth and death metal capital of America. 

Drawing inspiration from various alternative fashion, Blk. Label X’s vision has sought to create a line of clothing that preserves the individuality and diversity of its customers. With a mature outlook and a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, Blk. Label X is the ultimate ode to customization and ensuring you create a look that best suits your personal style. 

Blk. Label X is only in the beginning stages of forging a unisex brand that hosts both a flair for haute couture styling and the passion for building an intimate and welcoming refuge for their fans. If you’d like to catch a glimpse of the man behind the curtain, read on!

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