Noctex Black Axis Dress
Tell us a little about yourself. Who is the mysterious seamstress behind Noctex?

As the basics go: my name is Negin (Nay-geen) Izad. I am 20 years old and I design and sample all products and designs for my brand, NOCTEX. I am a full time Fashion Design and Technology student in my 3rd out of 4 years in University. Basically, I have been creating my brand as I have been directly learning from my schooling

What is the origin story of Noctex and the meaning behind the name?

I started using the name when I was 16 or 17 when I had an interest in reading about Latin root names for animals. It was because one of my teachers gave me a book on how so many different words are derived from the Latin root names for different farm animals. For examples, porcelain can be traced back to ‘porca’ meaning pig. NOCTEX is a spin-off of ‘noctem’ or ‘noctis’, revolving around the idea of night. I think I was drawn to it at the time because during the day my work was based around mathematics and sciences in high school, which my family was hoping I would pursue, and I only every had time to work on my creative endeavours after hours at night. The name just stuck after a while.

What are some of your primary influences and inspirations that have helped define the look and feel of your brand?

When I first started NOCTEX, it was mostly about using the resources I had. I made print apparel because I didn’t know how to make patterns yet, and was just starting my University program. I have only started making clothing closer to my style influences as of Fall 2013. My influences when designing centre on the idea of making clothing that is easy to wear but has a sharp statement. The concept of finding the space between something organic and something architectural and modern is what has always interested me. Creating shapes and forms without sacrificing comfort and the ability to live your life in the clothes. I am mostly inspired when finding little problems in my own wardrobe or clothing and trying to create a solution from that.

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